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The Odes of Shalomé: Ancient Netzari Songs of Extraterrestrial Love

Greetings in Messiah Yahshua.

Roots and Branches Study Group will be getting back together August 7th and 8th at Tabernacles Ministries in Vero Beach.  We do study of biblical literature in roundtable fashion – not unlike the early apostles on the steps of the Temple.  You are invited.

This Means War

One called 'Odes of Solomon'

Once called 'Odes of Solomon' but now we know better.

We attended the First Annual Assembly of Nazarene Israelites in Leesburg (FL) – this being the reason we didn’t have an official study last week, though I understand everyone got together.  The teachers at the assembly were top-notch.  We pried into the workings of the Hebrew language, the origin of evil and spiritual warfare, and even got into the liturgy of the Amidah.   I have got the spiritual warfare seminar posted.  It’s a good 3 hours in sections, and you can stream the audio from this link.

Holy Brother and the Naked Archaeologist

Simcha Jacobovici is the Naked Archaeologist on television.  The show is good.  Except one show. He was talking about the James Ossuary (the bone-box of Yahshua’s brother, Yaaqov  (more info here) when he said, “I didn’t even know ‘Jesus’ had a brother!”  This saying by a archeologist talking about the family of ‘Jesus’ and doing shows on ‘The Jesus Family Tomb” (more info) was a little shocking to me.  My thinking was that if this expert was searching for the historical ‘Jesus’ in the tombs, he should probably be versed in the primary sources of his subject – primary sources being the New Testament, the works of Josephus, and the secular historians of that age.

We who believe the record of this historical person should also be aware of his historical family.  There is really not much of a historical nature written about the Savior of the World.  But there is a LOT written about his brother James / Yaaqov.  What we know of him could be made into a motion picture, with a plot as exciting as any drama out there.  James the brother of Jesus had a full and eventful life, and a highly publicized death.  Some have said, and probably rightly, that the death of James was the root cause of the destruction of Israel in the ensuing 8 – 10 years.

Holy Sister and her Songs

A look at the Gospel of Mark (15:40 – 16:3) tells us that the Savior also had sisters, including Shalomé who took a part in the resurrection.  She is written out of the other accounts.  However, in the Egyptian Gospels, we may read quite a bit about the sister named Shalomé (who is not to be confused with Herod’s niece who danced for the head of John the Baptizer).  From them, we know that Shalomé was a serious student of her brother’s teaching, and that he came to her house regularly to eat and rest.  The Egyptian witnesses also tell us that Shalomé wrote worship song and sang them.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had some of these songs and could sing them ourselves?

Well, we just may have. I published a new little book yesterday, The Odes of Shalomé: Ancient Netzari Songs of Extraterrestrial Love.  As is the case for so many apostolic witnesses, the material has been out there for a long, long time, but on account of ecclesiastical control, it simply isn’t known except by specialists in the field.

Following on here is

  • a little of the book’s introduction and
  • one of the Odes.

I will be happy to send you an ebook of these wonderful testaments to the devotion of the family of Yahshua Messiah, a family hat we all could know well if we only wanted to.

Introduction to the Odes of Shalomé

You can find the printed book at this link.

These ODES are 40 songs attributed to the sister of ‘Jesus’ and scholars data them to that time.  If you like spiritual poetry, you’ll really like these songs.  I’d be glad to send you the e-book free for the asking.

THE ODES OF SHALOMÉ is generally known as The Odes of Solomon.  Some of these Odes have been attributed directly to Shalome, the sister of Yahshua Messiah, in an important and early Egyptian Nazorean text.  Further evidence for female authorship might be the repeated use of the True Name MarYah (which means, Master Yahweh), and the recital of MarYah’s feminine aspects found throughout the book.

Trusted contemporary scholars tell us that

(1) the original language of the Odes is Aramaic – the language of the Messiah and the Nazoreans,

(2) the origin of the Odes may be Edessa in Adiabene – a sanctuary land for persecuted Nazoreans,

(3) there is affinity between the language, sentiment, and theology in the Odes, the Gospel According to John, and many of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and

(4) the Odes do not contain Gnostic concepts or quotes from the New Testament (this means they are very ancient).

(5) since all the Odes end with HalleluYah! and water is mentioned throughout, they may have been used as part of a baptismal liturgy in the ancient assemblies of the est.

The Odes came from the same milieu as John and some of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and may be just as early. Therefore we may surmise that The Odes of Shalomé is one of the earliest hymnbooks of the first century (AD) Nazorean Movement. This present compilation hopes to place the Odes back into their original setting, rewording and reworking where necessary to make their meaning plainer and more authentic than other available scholarly translations.

Nice Examples of Shalomé’s Work

Notice the feminie imagery and the affinity to the Gospel of John.

6. Wind

As the wind glides across the harp and the strings speak, the Spirit of MarYah speaks through my members, and I speak through His love.  For He shatters whatever is not-of-me so that everything is of Him.  This is how it has been from the start, and will be until the end.  So that nothing will be divergent, and nothing will rise up against Him.

MarYah has multiplied his knowledge; He has been zealous to make known all His favor has given us.  He gave us His name to praise, and our spirits praise His Ruach haQodesh.

A stream went forth and became a great and broad river; in fact, it carried them all away, crushing them and bringing them to the Temple.  The barriers built by men were not able to hold it back; nor the craft of those who always hold-back water.  Yes, it spread over the surface of the entire world and filled all.  Then all thirsty in the world drank; thirst was quenched; the thirsty relieved; for the drink was given by El Shaddai.

Great are those who serve the drink; all those who have been entrusted with His water.  They have refreshed the parched lips, and aroused the paralyzed will.  Even the living who were about to expire have been held back from death.  Shattered limbs have they set and restored.  They gave strength for their future and light for their eyes.  Everyone recognized these waters as MarYah’s own, and they stayed by the living water of eternity. Halleluyah.

40.  Honey

As honey drips from the bees’ comb and milk flows from the woman who loves her children, so also is my hope in You, Eli. As a fountain gushes forth its water, so my heart gushes forth the praise of MarYah, and my lips carry forth praise to Him. His anthems sweeten my tongue, and His odes anoint all my members.

My face rejoices in His jubilation; my spirit lifts in His love, and my soul shines in Him. If the fearful will trust Him, redemption in Him is assured. His wealth is timeless life; those who receive it cannot perish.  Halleluyah.

Yours in the Scripture,

Dr. Jackson H. Snyder II


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Habeas Corpus: Produce the Body

Greetings in Messiah, Hebraic Roots Friends:

Roots and Branches Vero Beach will meet Friday evening for a short time of worship and training, then of Saturday (Sabbath) 2 PM for in depth roundtable-style Scripture study.  Thanks to you who have been pivotal in keeping the word going out.  Yahweh is indeed moving over the entire earth.

Here are a couple g1fts for you this week.

Habeas Corpus: Produce the Body

We know that Yahshua the Anointed ascended into the sky, as it is reported in Acts 1.  But suppose he went up to come down somewhere else.  Since it is beyond belief that the Savior of the World would be spending the last 20 centuries kneeling in the heavenly prayer room.  Rather, He is living and active.  Yes, I think he came down.  In fact, Yahshua was reported as down m

This is the best Enoch anywhere

This is the best Enoch anywhere

any times in the literature of first century Nazorean Judaism.  He was seen in Galilee, Arabia, Galatia, and Turkey according to the New Testament.  First century history also has him seen other places, including a notice by Emperor Claudius somewhere around 50 AD.  He also prophesied the fall of Jerusalem in 68 – 70 AD.  We’re pretty sure his brother Simeon Cleopas was in Jerusalem at that time, during the “escape” to Pella.  Wouldn’t the Master be there also?

I have put together an audio presentation that follows the story Yahshua from the crucifixion in 33 AD or so to the escape from Jerusalem in 69 AD, including all the reported stories in between, with appearances by some of the talmidim (disciples) as well.  I call the story by the title HABEAS CORPUS, a legal term meaning “you should have the body,” meaning, of course, the body of the Risen Sovereign.  It’s a great story (I’m told); entirely based on the early annals of Hegesippus, Clement, ESuetonius, Eusebius, and JOSEPHUS, who was actually at Jerusalem throughout the siege.

You may listen to Habeas Corpus here: http://radio-yahweh.com/m3u/habeas-corpus.m3u (55 minutes) or read the story at this link: http://www.jacksonsnyder.com/arc/2005/habeas.htm.

Higher Criticism for All!

Textual criticism of the Scriptures gets a bad rap.  We can learn a lot about both then and now if we will only be a little more critical in our approach.  (Critical in this instance means Analytical.)  Part of our Sabbath study will include an exercise in scriptural analysis that I call Parallels and a Little Chiasm.  Participate in a little Textual Criticism by doing this short exercise and you may never see the Scripture the same way again.  A half hour spent with Parallels and a Little Chiasm can make every subsequent study a time of popping out, as new correlations and truths begin to jump from the text.  Parallels and a Little Chiasm includes directions, and is found at this link:  http://www.jacksonsnyder.com/yah/message/parallel-chiasm.htm.

Enoch (Khanokh), the Sky Tripper

Finally I have a couple new translations.  The Book of Enoch (Khanokh) is quoted in the New Testament at least once, and several times in the Sinaiticus that is getting so much attention.  I have a brand new translation of 1 Enoch taking in account the Hebrew, Greek, Coptic, and Aramaic texts.  This doesn’t make the reading hard – it makes it easy – and with the True Names back in where they belong.  I call this translation Khanokh the Sky Tripper.  It features a full glossary, alternate readings, and a picture of Belial’s eyes on the cover.  You may purchase the paperback at cost from www.Apostolia.us or you may have a free digital version.  Just reply and ask for one – glad to send it.

Bar Naba of the Seventy Comes to Life

Finally, I have a new translation of one of the LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE – in the Sinaiticus but cast out of the canon by the Pope in the 9th century. This is generally known as The Epistle of Barnabas, but I call it A Letter of bar Naba to his Sons and Daughters – because that’s what HE calls it.  I believe this book to be authentic and written by exactly who claims to have written it.  Mysteries are solved in this book; like, “The Mystery of the Three Letters ,” “The Mystery of the Seven Days” (about the Millennium), and the exposition of what Yahweh will make an end of when he comes.

The book sports an awesome picture of my brother Phil’s face on the cover.  It’s available at cost in paperback from www.Apostolia.us, you may hear the audio book here: http://radio-yahweh.com/m3u/bar09.m3u (about an hour). Or if you want a digital, reply and ask for it.

Enough for now.  May Yahweh bless you right out of church and into the truth.  As usual, if you want off this list, let me know.  It won’t hurt my feelings – well not too much.

Always in the Scripture,

Dr. Jackson H. Snyder II

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Sinaiticus! I have one!

Hello, fellow Israelites in the Dispersion!  Roots & Branches Hebraic Roots Group will meet Friday night 7:30 (time change) and Saturday afternoon at 2 PM.  Study sessions are roundtable format and last about two hours each, but you are free to go anytime.  R&B meets in the River Room at Tabernacles Ministries in Vero Beach Florida. There are maps and other info at www.yahpop.us if you care to join us.

Thanks for making us a full house last Sabbath!!

“The Oldest Bible,” It Says

One of you send me a link to an article “Oldest known Bible goes (now) online.”  You were very open to the spirit to send it. So I write in hopes that you’ll take time to read my account of the “Oldest Known Bible” in this note.  I have had personal experience with this “Bible,” and I’ll make the story short.
We are talking about the Codex Sinaiticus version, probably more than 1700 years old, the oldest complete New Testament in existence, found in the trash can of the St. Catherine’s Monastery at the top of Mount Scopus in Jerusalem.  Here’s the link to the story at CNN.

How Rare!

Years ago, when I first learned of this ancient Sinaiticus (sine-EYE-tick-oos) New Testament, I wanted to have one myself, for I read that, being the oldest New Testament we had, there was significant differences between the it and the Johnny-come-latelys of the last 1700 years.  So I started looking for the Greek Sinaiticus but could not find a version that was readable.  I started looking for English translations, but there weren’t any.  None.  Almost none anyway.  This manuscript has been out of circulation so long that most have forgotten it.  The H. T. Anderson translation I found dated back to the 1860s.  There were only a few of them in the US, all in the rare books section of certain university theological libraries.

Not at the Local Library; Not on Amazon; Not of this World

I tried these libraries, but because of the translation’s rarity, they wouldn’t lend it to me.  Finally one library said I may borrow it if I could find a tenured theology professor to borrow it on my behalf.  Even at that, it would have to be back in 10 days.  So I found a dusty old professor to borrowed the dusty old book for me.  When I received it I only had enough time to scan the entire translation into my computer and send it back.  It took me weeks to run optical character recognition software (OCR) on the text so it might be edited for the first time in 140 years. After another solid year of editing Anderson’s
text (with the help of some online editors), I put the whole Testament online myself – the only such translation on the only such website anyplace.  The original site is still up here: www.sinaiticus.com.

Flying Off the Shelves; well, not exactly

I print-published the H T Anderson in 2007 and have it for sale at my little online bookstore. There were only a couple sales, then nothing – until just this month.  All of a sudden, they are ‘flying off the shelves.’  Sure wouldn’t have known why had not that certain someone sent me the CNN article.  Thank you!  Write back!  Send news! (I hope you’ll take time to read the account of how Tischendorff found this manuscript in 1840 or so – the story would make a first-rate novel, history again more astounding than fiction. You can find a short version of the story in my editor’s preface at www.sinaiticus.com.)

Differences Between Sinaiticus and the Rest

Obviously, a text this old would be shorter than the later texts used to bring you bloated translations like the NIV and NRSV.  Why shorter? Because the Sinaiticus came along before medieval scribes, monks, priests, professors, philanthropists, and theologians doctored the later copies to help lead us astray in all centuries since the 4th, beginning with the takeover of the Messianic Faith by the Roman government.  Don’t believe for a minute that theologians and the rest didn’t change the Scriptures to them read both Catholic and Protestant!  Even the layperson will be able to tell the difference, because reading the Sinaiticus is so simple and understandable.  Certain doctrines that have kept us bound up in fear are simply not in there because they weren’t thought up yet.

It’s Not In There

(What’s not there?  Just to name two doctrines – the Trinity is not in there, neither is Everlasting Burning in Hell.  These doctrines were never taken out of the Scripture – they just were never in there to begin with.  Others false teachings, like the substitution of the multitude of pagan names for that of our Heavenly Father, were added into the Scripture at a later time – sometimes by accident, but more often deliberately.  Remember, in those days, all  manuscripts were published by hand – whoever was paying for 50 scribes could have them put any extra in there that would serve their purpose.  The doctrine of eternal torment has really served its purpose down through the millennia.)  Reply if you want to know more.

What IS in There

What IS in there might make the preacher shake if any preachers really cared what was in there.  There are two extra books in the New Testament that were cast out centuries later by the Catholic Church.  Why?  You tell me.  The first, right after the Book of Revelation, is The Epistle of Barnabas. This letter is every bit as authentic any of Paul’s letters; yet if you read what churchy scholars have to say about it, it could be the letter from Hell.  Barnabas simply writes to his spiritual sons and daughters around the time of Jerusalem’s destruction (70 AD), teaching them how to live through terrible times.
Barnabas was thrown out no doubt because Banabas tells us what the Savior means in his Olivette prophecies, and how ‘moderns’ might understand
living the Torah life in spite of the lawless world teaching contrary. Can you see why Barnabas would be solid gone while Paul takes up most of the
book?  If you are intereste in The Epistle of Barnabas, I have a new translation at www.Apostolia.us. If you don’t want to invest $14, you may listen to the whole book at this link (about 45 minutes long).

The second book is The Shepherd of Hermas.  Like Revelation, there is an angel guiding Hermas, a new believer, through allegorical places, with each place teaching truth.  It is thought that the Shepherd was helpful to true disciples, children, and new believers, to learn what it means to be living the life of a
believer.  This is a really great book for everyone – but I must warn you – churchy types, if they know it at all, don’t like Shepherd in the New Testament because it actually teaches MORALITY and SPIRITUALITY.  You can read it at www.Sinaiticus.com.

Why the Apocrypha Cast Out

The Sinaiticus has what is called “the Apocrypha,” Jewish scriptural works that made the original (1611) King James Version.  The Apocrypha wasn’t liked by the Jews because they were written in Greek thus too pagan.  Protestants hate the Apocrypha (and hate is not too strong a word) because they think it’s too Jewish!  Both have cast it out of the Bible!  In this case, we are in debt to Catholics and Orthodox folks because they kept it in and made all these wonderful books available to us.  Again, I have some, like Tobit and Judith recorded if you would like to hear their wonderful stories.  (Tobit or  Tevyah is here. Judith and Susanna are here.)

If you read the CNN Article

Finally, if you do read the article from CNN, please consider a few errors in the article.

1) Sinaiticus is not the oldest Bible but the oldest complete New Testament.

2) The Sinaiticus in no way denigrates the resurrection.  It does show us that the Gospel of Mark ended with 16:8 rather than the tacked on endings that accumulated down through the years.

3) The Sinaiticus Greek is finally online at http://www.codexsinaiticus.org/en/.

In the Scripture:

Dr. Jackson H. Snyder II



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The Great Escape of ’68

Hello, achim and achiot from Roots & Branches Hebraic Roots in Vero Beach. It’s great to actually use a group name to address you this week!
R&B Group will be meeting at Tabernacles Ministries’ River Room Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) 7:30 PM and Shabbat (the 7th day) at 3 PM.
Directions are found at http://www.YAHpop.us. If you receive this, you are invited. Study is roundtable style (no pews or such) and informal.

A Breathtaking Journey
The last few months have taken us on a breathtaking, whirlwind tour of apostolic literature! We’ve stopped here and there to examine small niches of interest and wonder, then flown higher into the heavens to see how the small places get lost in the landscape. Just look where we’ve been in our search through prophecy for the Standing Man:

Sestains of Destiny – – anointed and prophetic verse
Isaiah 9 – 19 – – 2006 to the Abraham Path Initiative
Jeremiah 50 – 51 – – Two Gulf Wars
First Enoch – – Judgment of the chattaim
Genesis 1 & 2 – – the two creations, signs of destiny
Epistle of Barnabas – – the seven days of soteriological history
Ezekiel 38 & 39 – – the two Turkish captivities, Gog and Rosh identified (not Russia)
Jeremiah 35 ff – – Zeal! The Rechabites; Phinehas and Melchizedek priesthoods
Romans 10 – – Zeal and Proxy!
Dead Seas Scrolls, Community Rule – – the Mebakker and Zakanim
Gospel of Thomas – – the inheritance of James the Just, Pillar, standing man
Clement’s Epitomes – – Paul v. James on the Temple Steps, the Netzer Exodus
Flavius Josephus – – rising men: Theudas, Judas, the mysterious Egyptian, the escape (69 AD)
Acts 21ff – – Zeal for the Torah and the plot against Paul the Heretic. Zeal! Zeal! Innovation!

Escape to Pella, 68 AD. The Real Story!
This weekend we will continue with a closer look at the BELIEVERS’ ESCAPE FROM JERUSALEM DURING THE ROMAN SEIGE IN 68 AD.
Although James died in 62 (and thus commenced the war with the Roman Empire), there was at least one other brother of our Savior on hand for the escape.
This other brother was known in history simply as “The Rechabite.” He is known in the Gospels as Simon the Canaanaean, Simon the Zealot, and Simeon bar Cleopas.
There was a miracle in 68 AD. You should Learn about another great witness of the faith who is passed over by the scribes. Simeon Cleopas.

You Won’t Find This In Your Church
This width and breadth of Scripture study is impossible to find outside of the top institutes of higher education; yet despite the academics, the word rises up with anointing and conviction.
The wonderful thing about the study of so-called “Christian Origins” is that when someone brings something new to the roundtable, those who know the Word almost always ‘find the fit’ or history within their own scriptural understanding. We experience many EUREKA MOMENTS. When was the last time you had a EUREKA MOMENT in Sunday School? More probably to have a SENIOR MOMENT there!

James the Just & Simeon bar Cleopas
These fellows walked together down the Emmaus Road. If you’d like to know a little more about the brother of our Savior, James the Just, here is streaming audio of my impressions about James when archaeology made the discovery of the James Ossuary public in 2003. You can download it and play it if you’d rather.
Here is the link to the stream: http://radio-yahweh.com/m3u/snyder-james-just.m3u
Here is the link to the MP3 download: http://www.radio-yahweh.com/byrneville-5/snyder-life-times-james-just.mp3

I got your questions this week, but have run out of time to answer! Will get to the questions in the next installment.

Want off the list? Reply and tell me so.
Want to add your scriptural friends? Let me know.
May Yahweh bless you; and may you always bless Yahweh, King of the Universe.

In the Scripture,

Dr. Jackson H. Snyder II

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James the Just

Shalom greetings in the powerful name of Yahweh Elohim;

Roots and Branches Hebraic Roots Group of Vero Beach will meet both Friday 7 PM and Saturday 2 PM for the study of the Scripture.

In considering the Netzeri (Nazarene) Teaching of the Standing Stone and the Standing Man, we’re to the point of speaking of James the Just, who is my favorite character because we know so much about him from so many different sources. Besides Paul, no other character is so highly attested.

James, er, Jacob the Just – Little Known ‘Facts’

I’m speaking of the brother of Yahshua Messiah, James “Yaaqov,” surnames Alphaeus, or the Just Man (that is, ha Tzadik).

Here are just a few things we can know about James. (If you want to know Where did you get that? – just ask.)

James was never named James – that is King James’ name! James’ name is Yaaqov or Jacob, like the Patriarch.
James and Paul had a serious altercation on the temple steps before Paul’s conversion.
James had his legs broken by a Temple guard, which resulted in a mass migration of believers out of Jerusalem.
James was known to have knees like camels – ostensibly from praying for the sinners of Israel.
James was known as the pillar of Israel; and that if the pillar were to break, the entire land would be destroyed.
James was the successor to Jesus in the Jesus Movement, not Peter.
Jesus told the disciples before his death that they should go to James.
James was executed by Caiaphas’ nephew at the Temple during Passover in 62 AD. Thrown down from the parapet.
James 5:6 You have condemned, you have killed, the Just One, and he does not resisted you not.
James’ death, according to a contemporary, resulted in the destruction of the Temple in 70AD.
James’ burial box (ossuary) has been in custody for almost 30 years. It has been judged authentic.
The ossuary is inscribed with the words Yaaqov bar Yoseph Achui de Yahshua – in churchy language, that’s James son of Joseph brother of Jesus.
The Epistle to the Galatians by Paul includes a line-by-line refutation of the Epistle of James by James.
One top school of scholarship has proven that James wrote some of the Dead Sea Scrolls.


Let me know if you are interested, of come and join us this weekend.

One scholar has it right when he says that,” Knowing James is as close as you can get to knowing the historical Jesus.”

So you don’t believe me! But what if these things are true? If we sort through and learn the circumstances of James’ life, think of how much closer we might get to Yahshua the Son of Adam!

Many people go to the Holy Land because they want to walk where ‘Jesus’ walked. That’s well and good.
But before us we have a brother (or half brother), about whom we can learn much.
And seeing as how, in very fact, James was his brother’s successor,
When I study the life of James, I feel very close to the Man of Galilee. Now consider – James and Jesus had other brothers, and nephews too. And we know something about them. Think of what we could learn.

Dr. Jackson H. Snyder II

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Ebenezer Enigma

We will be looking at STANDING STONES and the LOST NAZARENE DOCTRINE OF THE STANDING MAN in our Roundtable Sessions this weekend in Vero Beach, Florida. You are invited.

Find manuscript links, podcasts, recordings, and directions at http://www.YAHpop.us. Root and Branches Hebraic Roots Group. (If you’ve not heard of me before, I send a weekly Hebraic Roots type email. If you don’t want to hear from me, reply!)

The Vision of Gabriel
I have been excited about the discovery of what is called the “Hazon Gabriel” (or the “Vision of Gabriel”) a new “Dead Sea Scroll”; only this one isn’t a scroll, it’s a stone.

(If you want your message to get out thousands of years after your gone, forget email and Facebook. Write your name on a stone instead.)

Somebody set the prophetic words of Yahweh’s bachar malach ie Gabriel to stone, and the angelic message is just coming to light. AND YOUR INPUT may help to get us the message. You see, this particular stone was good for only fifteen hundred years. In the last 500, the message has faded – and much of it is lost. However, therer is still enough text that we might work to fill in the blanks with educated (or inspired) words, thus reviving the text and its message.

If you’d like to try, I’d like to see your solutions. You can find information on the Hazon and a translation at my Bible News archaeology site at this link. Here are some clues:

Clues to Destiny and Fulfillment
People in the know date the Hazon Gabriel to the first century B.C. or within a hundred years of the Messiah’s birth. Of course, those “in the know” are prejudiced against the Messiah being who he is, so they often cheat. Just consider the date as being close to Messiah’s birth in Bethlehem, and consider that the stone was found just a short ways from there.

As such, the stone and its message may have had a very significant influence on the theology of the nativity – or vice versa. You decide.

If you look at the text and you think there’s not enough there to make something of it, THINK AGAIN. There is plenty there, such as the following entries:
The phrase, The children of Yahweh is there with the Sacred Name clearly legible numerous times. Therein, the name of your Heavenly Father is NOT COVERED OVER with LARD and GAWD. Find also,
YHWH of hosts will sanctify Israel … in three days you will know.
You (Gabriel) are the Standing Man of Israel.
In three days, LIVE! … the Prince of Princes.

That’s a little, but it’s also a LOT. Please see if you can fill in the blanks and send your research to me!

An Historical Marker, An Ebenezer
So we are looking at an historical marker, 50 BC or later, containing bits and pieces of what appears to be a more fleshed-out version of Luke 1:28ff:

Hail, kecharitomene (which means something like Darling!), Yahweh is with you. Behold! You will conceive in your womb and bear a Son, and you will call His name Yahshua. This One will be great and will be called Ben El Elyon. And Yahweh Elohim will give Him the throne of His father David. He will reign over Beit Yaaqov to the ages for there will be no end to His kingdom.

So If the Hazon is recorded in this context, the prophecy would be directed to the time of the Passion. You may read more about Hazon Gabriel at my Bible-News site.

This kind of marker stone is what the Hebrew Scriptures call an Ebenezer, a “helping stone.” Look!

Samuel took a stone and set it up named it Ebenezer; for he said, “So far Yahweh has helped us,” … for Israel recovered their … and there was peace. (1 Samuel 7:12-14)

We know the term Ebenezer less from the Scriptures than from Dickens’ Christmas Carol (Ebenezer Scrooge) or the church hymn, “Come thou fount”:

Here I raise mine Ebenezer;
hither by thy help I’m come;
and I hope, by thy good pleasure,
safely to arrive at home.

James the Just: Standing Man
There is a lost doctrine of the Sect of the Nazarenes (Acts 24:5) called THE STANDING MAN. Instead of a standing stone built into an edifice for support or a marking stone for help, the STANDING MAN was a person (and not always a man) who was considered to be so important to the commonwealth of Israel that if he fell, the entire society would be destroyed. Those of the true faith considered quite a few people as STANDING MAN, beginning with the family of Rechab, or Rechabites. Yahweh promised them that there would always be a Rechab family member STANDING BEFORE HIM. Probably the most important STANDING MAN in Nazarene lore was the brother of the Messiah, JAMES THE JUST. He was known in his day as the PILLAR (Oblias) of Israel. If that pillar were shaken, the entire world would be destroyed. “Go to James the Just,” said the Savior in the Gospel of Thomas. “For him was made both the earth and skies.” Josephus the historian tells us that the murder of James – the FALLING OF THE OBLIAS – was the spark that ignited Israel to the extent that Roman troops came down in 64 AD and destroyed everything, including Jerusalem and the Temple by 70 AD. Ten days after the Romans came (ie ten years prophetic time), Israel was done.(Rev 2:10)

For More on Standing Man, Standing Stone
There are yet STANDING PEOPLE IN OUR DAY. You may be one. We must recover this original, foundational understanding because it is LOST, yet SCRIPTURAL and ESSENTIAL TO THE FIRST NAZARENES.

For the LOST DOCTRINE OF THE STANDING MAN, click this link.

If you are interested in INCREDIBLE PROPHECY, TRY The Parable Of The Ten Standing Stones: Obscure Prophesies of Future Prophets.


This is what we will study this weekend in our Roundtables here in Vero Beach. For meeting information, manuscripts or recordings, go to http://www.YAHpop.us or reply to this mail.

In the Scripture,
Jackson Snyder



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MaGoG and MisGoG

Greetings from R & B Group Vero Beach, FL (Root & Branches) (www.yahpop.us);

The group is getting together Friday evening (Erev Shabbat) for worship and study. Also Saturday (Shabbat) for Scripture Prophecy Session. If you receive this notice, you are invited. Go to http://www.yahpop.us for directions, or reply to this email. Also reply if you want off this list.

Roundup of Biblical Prophetic History
Here is where we have been in Bible Prophecy: Isaiah 9 – 19, Jeremiah 50, 51, and a few places in Revelation. We have seen that most of the Prophecies about the land and the returns have been fulfilled in some of our lifetimes. We have visited Israel, Syria, Assyria (Iraq), Babylon (Iraq), Chaldea (Iraq), Gaza (Gaza strip), Moab (Jordan) and Lebanon. We have charted history to learn in what great detail the fate of these nations had been predicted and accomplished. We will finish up with this tour on Shabbat, and we will be going on to the ominous Magog, Tubal, Meshech, Media for the excitement of Ezekiel 36 – 39. Most ‘bible scholars’ profess Magog to be present day Russia, and they predict that Russia and Iran (Media) will team up to destroy Israel, meeting their fate in the valley of Megiddo, and any day now.

GoG and MaGoG Displaced
But I have news for you. Magog is no where near Russia – Magog is Turkey! And therefore we look not to the carrot on the stick of latter day prophets, but rather to the dynasty of the Turks, who may have fulfilled the Magog prophecy centuries ago. Did you know that Turkey only lost its long-standing world status as a power in the 20th century (First World War)? Well, it’s great to see that YHWH actually demonstrates the fulfillment of prophecy to the historian instead of just allowing men and women with an agenda use the text for their future catastrophe.

Streaming Audio This Week
As Barnabas says over and over in his epistle, “Learn You!” And we are learning the ways of our Father in our roundtable discussions on Sabbath. Everyone has erudite contributions to make. Best yet, as one fellow pointed out, getting into the Word of YHWH is a high and prescribed form of worship. Oh, I mentioned Barnabas because I listened to an audio version of his prophetic letter – the one cast out of the New Testament by the Roman Church because it was too Hebraic. Anyway, this week let me offer you the chance to hear the Epistle yourself along with a short commentary explaining its secrets. (The streaming audio at the link is about an hour in length.)

The playlist is attached (malware free). While at it, here’s a link to Jesse Snyder’s (Pete’s) latest guitar release in streaming audio.

Here’s a link to the streaming audio Jesse Snyder Latest Guitar Album

Shabbat Shalom, Jackson Snyder

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Egypt and the Lost Years of Jesus

Hello, worshipful friends:

Shavuot / Pentecost Litany, manuscript and audio
Pentecost was a great time of praise and fellowship, as we used an ancient litany especially composed for our service. “Litany” is a technical term for a series of prayers. The Shavuot Litany is for use in your home, so it’s on the web for you at this link: Shavuot Litany Manuscript. It’s not too late for you to celebrate the feast at home or church, Halleluyah. You may also LISTEN to the Litany, streaming it from the web by clicking on the malware-free attachment. The Shavuot / Pentecost Bible lessons are also on audio. You may find them at http://www.Radio-Yahweh.com.

Prophecy Watch – Egypt / Mitzraim
No sooner to we finish the Isaiah 10 – 19 prophecy roundtable than we learn that Obama will address all Arabs from Cairo, Egypt. One of the last prophetic events needing fulfillment from 10 – 19 is a short Egyptian civil war.

Modern day Egypt is a nation of great unrest, ruled by a despot, stirred to rebellion by Muslim moderates. The last great leader of Egypt who stepped out for peace was Anwar Sadat. The peace Sadat brought to Egypt. Was rewarded by hi brutal assassination. We haven’t heard much of Egypt since. I reported on the persecution of an ancient Egyptian sect of Believers, the Copts, in my fall 1999 newsletter. Would you believe that web page is still out there? The Copts were at that time being systematically stamped out by Muslim moderates. There are not many left; however, they may have an important role to play in the 10 – 19 prophecy fulfillments. Just a few elect believers may wield the greatest power of all through PRAYER. Keep eyes on Egypt. (Read Why Do Some Muslims Hate?)

Prophecy This Week – The Mystery is History
The Yahad Scripture Roundtable will take up broad topics in The Revelation for the next two weeks, with two sessions per week. These sessions are by invitation only, but If you are receiving this email, you are invited. For directions to our new ‘digs,’ check out http://www.YAHpop.us. Erev and Shabbat this week the discussion subjects are The Two Babylons. If we get through that we will move on to unmasking The Beasts of lore and history. Both of these topics allow us once again to delve into first-century history and the historic identities the family and descendants of Yahshua Messiah, one of my favorite topics.

Audio for the Whole Family, Better than TV
Let me leave you this week with a few worshipful yet entertaining stories based on the secular history of the Messiah and his family. The following are links to streaming audio, so you should be able simply to click the link to get your media player going. And these are a series, so if you like the first one, the rest follow in sequence. If you do listen to any, let me know and we will send you a nice gift.

The Restoration of the Prophetic Word (The Story of Zacharyah the Priest)
Sabbath Showdown 2 BC (The Family of Joseph in the Nazareth Synagogue, 2 BC)
Pilgrimage to Jerusalem (The Family of Ya’aqov and MarYah travel to Jerusalem for the Feast.)
The Lost Years of Yahshua (Where was ‘Jesus’ all that time. No, not in India.)
Out From the Desert (The remarkable acts wrought by the apostles once out of the wilderness.)
The Parting of Prophets (Yash and Yoch have a falling out and go their separate ways.)
A Fishy Wedding (The miracle of Ya’aqov’s (James’) mustash.)
Miracle and Murder (Who is the victim? Hint – it is one of the Zebedyahs.)
Sabbath Showdown 28 AD (Back to the Synagogue 30 years later.)

Jackson Snyder, Root and Branches Vero Beach Yahad (Discipleship Group), http://www.YAHpop.us

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The Heretic Apostle Paul Acts 21:5

Hello and greetings to you in the Sacred Name!

Eyebrows are raised at the mention of the Apostle Paul being a heretic and cult-leader last Sabbath school.

Take a look a few paragraphs down; you may agree with me!

We have been granted space at Tabernacles Ministries for our upcoming meetings. This is a tremendous blessing. We have not been able to invite other like-minded people on account of the lack of space. So now we have the River Room in the Family Life Center. This is the large prayer room at the left after entering the Family Life Center. Here is the address and map:

Tabernacle Ministries
51 Old Dixie Hwy
Vero Beach, FL 32962

Scripture Training Events This Week

We will be meeting this week on Friday evening at 7 PM. We’ll look at the prophetic and practical meaning of the baptism in holy spirit.

There will be no meeting on the date of the Sabbath commonly known as Saturday.

However, we will meet on Sunday for a short training session on Exodus 24 and the “giving of Torah,” then we’ll conduct our liturgical Shavuot at 3 PM.

This service will be entirely in English and is user friendly, so all who honor the name Yahweh are invited to attend.

Feast of Weeks, Your Place or Ours
Now we are commanded by our heavenly father to keep the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot). This is the only Feast most churches also keep.

So if you cannot attend or there are no Netzer Groups in your area, I have an excellent service for you. You may do it with family, friends, or by yourself. However you do it, keep the feast! You may find the words here. Or paste this in: http://jacksonsnyder.com/yah/pentecost/shavuot-service-for-the-home.htm.

You may find a number of services, essays, sermons and podcasts regarding Pentecost at the Snyder Bible Front Page. http://jacksonsnyder.org

SESTAINS of DESTINY available of CD
It was wonderful to share nearly six hours of Prophecy Training last week. The material was in-depth, practical, and RARE. WHAT? Current events in light of Isaiah 10 – 18, SESTAINS OF DESTINY, and the 8,000 year week of the Apostle Barnabas understood from the perspective of the Creation Story. All our teachers added their sound doctrine, and we recorded these prophecy sessions for any who would like to receive some of the best “pesher-style” exegesis attainable anywhere. You want a taste of what’s happening? Ask for a CD by return email.

A Pentecost Experience – The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Podcasts of our training in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (six hours in sections) may be streamed from this link or choose from many other messages, lost tribes, deliverance ministry, and biblical analysis from Radio Yahweh. These recorded audio events are anointed and 100% biblical.

Paste in: http://radio-yahweh.com/audio-sermons/snyder.htm

As for the heretic Paul:
The following comment is recorded about Paul in the book of Acts of the Apostles:
Acts 24:5 (GLT)
(1) For having found this man pestilent
(2) and moving insurrection among
(3) all the Jews throughout the world, and
(4) a ringleader of the Nazarene sect;
(5) who also attempted to profane the temple,
(6) whom we also seized and wished to judge
(7) according to our law . . .

Check out the Greek of the 4th line:
Prôtostatên te tês tôn nazôraiôn haireseôs
First-rank-standing (the ones) of-the Nazarene heresy

As a member of the first standing of the heresy, we can also surmise that Paul was not only a heretic, a cult-leader, and a pest!

The Heretic’s Challenge
There is a challenge in all this. Perhaps what we might consider a cult or heresy now might turn out to be a haven of truth in the future.

I leave us to identify the speaker of the above text then consider whether or not we have, in our own entire faith life,
confronted the status quo,
challenged the common folk-religion of the simple,
or moved ahead to the first rank
of those who decry the pagan idolatry and immoral culture from which we claim to have retreated.

Hey! If the likes of that genius are the ilk of the Nazoreans, we can be PROUD HERETICS, No?

Jackson Snyder Do you no longer wish to hear from me? Reply with ‘remove.’ I have moved to a new computer, so if you previously asked for removal, please ask again.

Vero Beach, FL


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Ishy Pentecost

Last week I built a new computer from scratch and this is the first email I am sending by it. After having put all the parts together, would you believe it fired up the first time? What a “firing up” of self-confidence! Go build yourself something, or plant a tree. To celebrate, I have three gifts for you; you’ll find them a few more lines down in this note.

Root and Branches Netzari Yahad (read Hebrew Roots Group) will meet at Poinciana 410 Friday May 22 at 7 PM and Saturday May 23 at 2 PM. Sunday 1 PM we will meet with Tabernacles Ministries to iron out the final details of getting our new meeting place. This opportunity is exciting because Tabernacles is a HUB of excellent ministries – several congregations are there as well as other outreach ministries. And the campus is huge with lots of space. I like being in the hub – it’s like being in the center of prayer, the power source!

This Sabbath we’ll continue to look at the exciting prophecies of Isaiah 9 – 19, which culminate in the Abraham Path Initiative – a highway from Ur to Egypt on the pathway that Abraham took. (See http://www.abrahampath.org/flash/index.html) These in-depth, unique, and timely sessions are recorded. If you can’t come, you may request a CD. By next week, I will have them for stream-loading.

Pentecost is coming up May 31 (Aviv method), “The Birthday of the Church Torah” (take a look at the third gift). Perhaps you will want to keep the feast in 2009 since the enigmatic year 2012 is almost upon us. Keep it as a ‘just in case’ measure. Then if the Messiah makes his appearance public in 2012, you will be able to say you were faithful in a few things!

Below in this mail are three Pentecost gifts to help you keep it.

The first gift is a link to a dramatized streaming audio version or the biblical book Tobit I call Tevit and Tevyah The story takes place during Pentecost and features a 2nd century wedding. You will find this very helpful for your family so as to understand how people in Bible times lived and enjoyed their festivals right along with their hardships. It runs about an hour, and it has made a great story time for the 13 and over crowd in our family for a few years. To listen to Tevit and Tevyah, click here (make sure your speakers are on) or paste this link into your browser: http://www.jacksonsnyder.com/yah/m3u/tevit.m3u.

The second gift is a link to an easy home service for Pentecost, with music and all. No need to do the music, but the service does require you have two fresh baked loaves of leavened bread. Take a look at the service then fulfill the commandment. Your family will bless you. The home service is at this link, or paste this address into your browser: http://www.jacksonsnyder.com/yah/pentecost/shavuot-service-for-the-home.htm.

The third gift is the following easy family-friendly Scripture study that teaches us what Pentecost / Shavuot / Feast of Weeks is all about. Let me know how you come out.

Pentecost / Feast of Weeks: A Tiny Training Session
Answer the Questions and Think as You Peruse Scripture
See this on the web instead by clicking here or paste this into the browser: http://www.jacksonsnyder.com/yah/pentecost/pentecost-feast-training.htm.

Exodus 24:12 Yahweh said to Moses, “Come up to me on the mountain. Stay there, and I will give you the stone tablets, the law and the commandment, which I have written for their instruction.”

16. The glory (kavod / radiance) of Yahweh rested on Mount Sinai and the cloud covered it for six days. On the seventh day Yahweh called to Moses from inside the cloud.

17. To the watching Israelites, the glory of Yahweh looked like a devouring fire on the mountain top. (Like a volcano.)

18. Moses went right into the cloud and went on up the mountain. Moses stayed on the mountain for forty days and forty nights.

Exodus 31:18. When he had finished speaking to Moses on Mount Sinai, he gave him the two tablets of the Testimony (or Covenant), tablets of stone inscribed by the ______________ of Elohim.

a. chisel
b. finger
c. power.

Forty is special in Scripture. How many instances of this number can you remember? Forty is the number of testing (Matthew 4:1-2). While Moses and _________ were upon the mountain, what were some of the things some of the Israelites below were doing during their 40 days of testing? (Check Exodus 32:1-8)

How did Yahweh respond to what the Israelites had done? (Exodus 32:9-10)

What was he going to do with the whole people?

What was he going to do with Moses and his family?

What did Moses then ask Yahweh to do? (Exodus 32:11-13)
And what then did Yahweh do as a response to Moses’ speech? (Exodus 32:14)

Do you remember what became of the two tablets of the Testimony?

What did Moses then do according to Exodus 34:1-5?

What name was pronounced and why?

Let’s go back to Leviticus 23 and look at how the feast of Pentecost (First-fruits, Shavuot, Weeks) came to be. “Pentecost” is a Greek word that means “Fiftieth.” It comes from the Greek version (Septuagint) of the Hebrew Scriptures of

Leviticus 23:15 & 16: 15. From the day after the Sabbath, the day on which you bring the sheaf of offering (that is, the Sunday after the Passover), you will count seven full weeks. 16. You will count fifty days, to the day after the seventh Sabbath, and then you will offer Yahweh a new cereal offering.

If we were to bring a cereal offering today, which cereal would be most appropriate?

a) Cheerios
b) Frankenberry
d) Cream of Wheat
e) Honey Clusters of Oats

So fifty days from the Sunday after Passover, Yahweh proclaims an observance. What were you doing on Pentecost this year?

Pentecost is traditionally considered to be a remembrance of the giving of the Law of Yahweh at Mount _________ . Although there’s no real justification for celebrating the Law now, however tradition may have some foundation in Scripture. Look at Exodus 19:1-8!

This is what a covenant is all about. One person says he/she will do something under certain conditions, and the other party agrees.

EASTON’S: a contract or agreement between two parties. In the Old Testament the Hebrew word berith (b’rit) is always thus translated. B’rit is derived from a root which means “to cut,” and hence a covenant is a “cutting,” with reference to the cutting or dividing of animals into two parts, and the contracting parties passing between them, in making a covenant (Gen. 15; Jer. 34:18, 19).

RIDDLE: Suppose I told you that “ish” means “man” in Hebrew. What group of islands in Europe would the “covenant man” inhabit?
The Bible and our faith are all about COVENANTS between Yahweh and Creation. There are many covenants in the Bible, and we will study some later. Here, though, Yahweh promises an exceedingly great blessing if the Israelites will obey the statutes of the covenant. What does Israel do in verse 8 to “seal the deal”?

Now remember the 40 days of testing while Moses was on the mountain. Did the Israelites keep their end of the Covenant? And again, what happened? Is the covenant still in force because of the Israelite’s acts? Why or why not?

Back to the Law and the 50 days. Exodus 19:1 says it was 3 months, not 50 days, after Israel leaving captivity that the Law was given.

RIDDLE: How can we reconcile 50 days with 3 months? (Hint: Literally, Exodus 19:1 says, On the third new moon after the people of Israel had gone forth out of the land of Egypt . . .”)

Jack Snyder

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