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Taking Christ Out of Christmas, Completely, Permanently

Times for Service and Study

Blessings in YHWH to you during these post-chaos days of rest.  This is the Roots & Branches Letter by Jackson Snyder and a ministry of Roots & Branches Hebraic Roots Study Group in Vero Beach, Florida.

Note that our schedule has changed.  Erev Sabbath with the Siddur Todah Rabbah begins Friday night, 7 – 8:30 PM.  The Study Group is at 2 – 4 PM on the Sabbath.  Directions and distinctions are found at www.nevy.us or phone (772) 538-4867.  These meetings and studies are not open to the public, but if you are receiving this letter, you are invited.

The Didache, or Teaching of the Twelve

I have published a new translation of “The Teaching” (The Didache).  “The Teaching” is that of Yahshua the Anointed left to his brothers, the Overseers of the Jerusalem Assembly of Yahweh through the first century.  These borthers are best known as James the Just and Simon Zelotes. (Go here if you want to learn about them.)  “The Teaching” is an ancient guidebook in two parts – the first for new believers, the second for new overseers.  It sets out how assembly members are to treat each other, about the two roads: life and death, how to pray, fast, and perform both mitzvot (immersions) and the todah rabbah (the great thanksgiving or communion).  It ends with the three signs of the Last Days and the destruction of evil.  of the end of evil.  “The Teaching” text predates the New Testament and contains much teaching directly from the Great Teacher before it was edited into the New Testament. That this is the case, “The Teaching” is an amazing, important, and useful resource. You may purchase it in paperback at www.apostolia.us or get the pdf and audio book without cost at our website www.nevy.us under “Rare Apostolic Autographs.”

What is an Oxymoron?

CHRISTMAS is the assimilation / concatenation of the two words. When we break the holiday’s title down into its parts, we get an oxymoron.  An oxymoron is generally known as two words seen together and relating to each other, yet having nearly opposite meanings.  Pianoforte is such a word when parsed; piano meaning soft and forte meaning loud. The pianoforte was a breakthrough in technology because it could be played both loudly and softly, unlike the clavichord or harpsichord.

How many oxymora (oxymorons) can you find in the following sentence?

In the deafening silence of the convent, that pretty ugly nun recalled the sweet sorrow of her love hate relationship with the saintly priest.

OK, so I could have done a better job with the sentence if I didn’t have “Christ’s Mass” on my mind; a ritual that always involves priests and nuns – and oxymora. The only pair of words we might argue as not being oxymoronic my sentence is saintly-priest. You may disagree, but I submit that this word pair is not always in opposition for, as a product of a Roman Catholic seminary, I can personally assure you that I have been acquainted with three or four saintly priests! And I believe they are still saintly, even in these days of suspicion.

‘Christ’ in ‘Christ’s Mass’ (Christmas)

Let’s look at the original oxymoron: ‘Christ’s Mass’ (Christmas). Christ means anointed, as in anointed with oil. Rulers were thought to be anointed (christed) by a god. (Evidently, they still are.  Our nation has such a leader who is even called The Anointed One – and such is the meaning of the word christ / christos).

The title CHRIST in the Bible, besides being ‘Jesus’’ supposed last name, has come to mean “the anointed one with eternal life who rules forever.”  So to most, CHRIST is understood as the ANOINTED KING WHO LIVES FOREVER. Correct?

On the other hand,

‘Mass’ in ‘Christ’s Mass’ (Christmas)

MASS is a ritual of the Roman Catholic Church in which the mass of people gather to witness how the priests are miraculously able to resurrect the very body and person of Jesus Christ in the form of a large round wafer, then execute him again and again by breaking his newly formed, wafer-thin flesh into pieces. Here are the words spoken, “Christ, our Passover, is sacrificed . . .” (at this point the priest loudly breaks his body in half) “ . . . therefore let us keep the feast” (at this point, the priests eat the man Christ they have just re-created).   The Mass as ritual is a human sacrifice and an act of cannibalism for the entertainment of those in attendance.

The Mass Execution

The MASS is not a memorial ritual! Ask a priest.  Every Roman Catholic priest will insist that the wafer, at priest’s behest, becomes the actual flesh of Jesus Christ in his hands, and that he as priest of the line of the Romans apostles, has the ability and duty to kill he whom brought back to life moments before. He performs this creative miracle and execution every single day he recites the magic formula (“saying mass”).

Now we see why these two words, “Christ’s Mass” or Christmas is an oxymoron.  Look once again.

CHRIST   (an anointed ruler having eternal life)

MASS       (is made to attend the people to be shattered, die, and be cannibalized)

Let’s Take Christ Out of Christmas

Spiritual evil, no matter how far back it originated, has contemporary, temporal consequences.  With this new knowledge of life, death, death-cult, and contradiction, would you – a thinking and intelligent person – consider doing something counter-cultural in response?  Everybody is saying, “Don’t let them take Christ out of Christmas.”  Popular conservative talk radio hosts, as I recall, made “keeping Christ in Christmas” a major campaign in 2006 and 2007. In 2008 with the advent of Obama, the conservative media have been turning their attention to the Founding Fathers, their Federalism, and their religious inclinations. As for their religious inclinations, less than 2% of the Founding Fathers attended Christ’s Mass, while NOT ONE OF THESE FATHERS CELEBRATED CHRIST’S MASS.  (www.adherents.com/gov/Founding_Fathers_Religion.html) As a matter of fact, the founding mothers and fathers of Jamestown and other early, religious settlements came over here to get away from Masses and religious practices that were syntheses of Roman Christianity, Anglicanism, and pure paganism.

Next end-of-year secular / religious holiday season, my advice, if anybody cares to have it, will be LET’S TAKE CHRIST OUT OF CHRISTMAS THEN LET’S TAKE MESSIAH OUT OF CHRIST.  Nowlet me end up by giving some readers a shock.  I am making an educated guess that 65 – 75% of the believers who receive this letter DO NOT CELEBRATE DECEMBER 25th or JANUARY 1st AT ALL.  And I would further prophesy that the children of these families know exactly why they have no Asherah Tree in their house (Jeremiah 10:1-5), and totally agree with their parents’ decisions to follow Scripture rather than culture.

In my issue next week, I will show you exactly when the Messiah was born, why that date is important, and why we as believers are missing out on a huge, Scriptural blessing and promise by not observing the true festival of the Nativity that the Scripture devotes much ink to but readers devote little time.

Topics next week:

  • Repairing the Contradiction on the Nativity between Matthew and Luke
  • The Surgeon Knew Everything
  • What Year Was Yahshua Born? A Great Surprise
  • What the Star Wasn’t

In the Scriptures,

Jackson Snyder

New site http://www.NEVY.us

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  1. i love to listen on audiobooks while travelling on a bus, i could learn a lot from it while travelling .”*

    Comment by Buck Teeth | November 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. Actually, Yahowsha was born on the Feast of Sukah, in the year 2 BC. Herod the Gread died in January, year 1; 4 BC is incorrect. “Christ” comes from the root word “chrio” which means to “apply medicinal cream/drugs” — it does not mean “anointed” in the sense of the Set Apart Spirit upon the soul of Yahowsha . . . Yahowsha is the Ma’aseYah — “anointed Implement doing the Work of Yah”. Unfortunately, we have too much of a Greek perspective; we need to understand the Hebrew perspective to properly understand what God is saying.

    Comment by c mettler | July 7, 2012 | Reply

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