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Enigma: The Teacher of Righteousness

Shalom Chaverim (friends).  We hope all is well in Messiah with you and yours.

Get Your Mezuzah Blessed Off

Roots and Branches Group will meet this Erev Shabbat (Friday night) for our informal Nazorean worship service and scripture training.  On Sabbath (Saturay) 2:00 PM we will gather at Vista Gardens for the Blessing of Mezuzahs and Mikvot (immersion in water in the name of Yahshua Messiah).  For directions to Headquarters at Tabernacles Ministries in Vero Beach, check the website at this link.  If you need to bless the Almighty for the safety of your home and your Mezuzah, reply to this mail and we’ll get you directions.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Library

The last few days I have been reading from the library known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.  There is still much mystery about the Scrolls themselves as well as the people of the Scrolls, whoever they were.  What we do know about them is that they were contemporaneous with both the Maccabees and with the Nazorean Assembly (so-called Jewish Christians).  My brother (Pete) and I have been studying these texts for many years; both of us ‘majored’ in them during our courses of study in higher education.  There is much these texts can teach us about our religious roots.

The Teacher of Righteousness, or Righteous Teacher

In this note, I want to show you some of the writings of the sect’s guiding light, known to us not by a name, but by a title – the Teacher of Righteousness (Moreh haZadik).  Only a very few scholars identify the Teacher with Yahshua our Messiah, though a very strong current in scholarship today identifies (and claims to have proved) that the Teacher is Yaakov haTzadik (James the Just), the brother of Yahshua Messiah and author of the New Testament book Epistle of James.

Who Is this Teacher?

I am sure you are a Bible reader, and probably know well many of the characters of the New Testament; so I have selected a few excerpts for you from the Dead Sea Scrolls book of Thanksgiving Psalms, written by the Teacher himself.  Read through them – they will all seem familiar – and check out the comments – maybe you can place the identity of the Teacher.  Remember as you go through, these are just a few lines of a huge assortment of texts.  Maybe you’ll catch the bug as we have.

From the Thanksgiving Psalms (Quotations based on Wise, Abegg, Cook, 1996)

(1) They did not respect me, even when You displayed your might through me.  Instead, they drove me out of my land as a bird from the nest. All my friends and acquaintances have been driven away from me; they consider me as a shattered pot.

We wonder exactly how the mighty of the Mighty One was displayed!  It seems like those whose hands are full of false miracles receive the respect, when the true prodigy is covered by a bushel.  I did a short musical production on this verse in 2007.  I think it’s pretty good.  You can listen to “Shattered Pot” in streaming audio at this link.

(2) You have appointed me as an object of shame and derision to the faithless, but a foundation of truth and understanding for the righteous.

(3) You have appointed me as a banner for the chosen of righteousness, and an informed mediator of wonderful mysteries, so as to test those of truth and lovers of correction.

The first sentence puts us in mind of Isaiah 53, the suffering servant, though this statement is in the first person, in the voice of a man of suffering and acquainted with grief.  The second statement is a surprise; indeed, these uplifting words are in the opposite mood of the first, an echo of Paul’s wisdom to Timothy, there being one eloha, and one mediator between elohim and humankind, the man, Yahshua Messiah, who gave his life a ransom for all (1 Timothy 2:5).

(4) I am as distressed as a woman about to bring forth her firstborn. Yea, children come to life through the breakers of death. She delivers a male child: through the pains of Sheol bursts forth a wonderful counselor, mighty el.

(5) You have appointed me as a father to the children of mercy and as a guardian to men of portent.

Here is the theme of Luke’s nativity, the male child carried over from wretched pains and the menace of sudden death to become known as Wonderful Counselor, Mighty El, Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9:6) over the children of Yahweh’s compassion (Psalms 25:6) as well as the band of prophetic disciples (ie, “men of portent”).

(6) From Sheol and Abaddon you have raised me up to an eternal height, so that I might walk about on a limitless plain, and know there is hope whom you created from the dust of the eternal counsel.

The man of portent Shimon Kefa (Simon Peter) preached that Elohim raised Him up, putting an end to the agony of death (Acts 2:24).  It was told by the Apostle Peter that the Messiah had descended into Tartarus (Sheol and Abaddon) to proclaim his victory and the hope that came out if it.

(7) You assigned my dwelling with many fishermen, they who spread their net in the surface of the water, and hunt for the children of injustice.

Wow!  With fishermen, the parable of the net, and “fishers of men.”  Now look at the next –

(8) I have become a sailor on a ship, when the seas stir up their waves and all their breakers come over me. My bowels are like a ship in a raging storm.

Now he tells about his life on the Sea of Galilee, in the grip of a gale, then speaking shalom.

(9) You have not cast my lot with the assembly of fraud, nor have you set my portion in the counsel of pretenders.

“Pretender” is a near perfect match for the word “hypocrite.” His destiny was to be outside – to be the “True Vine.”

(10) Those who prosecuted me are as chaff before the wind; my dominion is over them.

“His winnowing fork is His hand . . .”

(11) I give thanks to you, O Yahweh, for you have sustained me with your strength, even your Holy Spirit.  Upon the rock you have established my frame, and eternal foundations for my footing.  All my walls are tested walls that will not be shaken. You have appointed me as the holy counsel of the weary.  You have taught me your Covenant (Torah) and my tongue is one of your disciples.

We get a lot of James the Just (3:6) in this word – “my tongue is One of Your disciples.”  So where DID the Savior get all his wisdom (Mark 6:2)?

(12) You planted a stand, trees of life (for your esteem) at the secret spring, hidden among the waters so a shoot might grow into an eternal planting.  That its trunk might be open to the living water and become an eternal fountain.  On its leafy branch every wild animal of the forest will graze, and its trunk will become a gathering place to all who pass, and its branches roosts for all the birds.

  • Isaiah 11:1 There will spring forth a shoot out of Jesse’s; a Branch (netzer, as in ‘nazorean’) will grow out of his roots; and the spirit of Yahweh will rest on him . . . The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them. If this was in fact referencing the Savior, then we can see a marvelous prediction that has come to pass in the last millennia.

(13) My bread has become strife, and my drink contention.

The bread and drink was the least of the teachings in the early days; is has become the greatest in our days.

So who do you think the Teacher might be?

In the Scriptures,

Jackson Snyder


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  1. I believe in the first instance, that John the Baptist was the original Teacher of Righteous who stood as a Type for a Latter Day Prophet who would rise up to prepare God’s righteuos remnant that God would preserve through the trying days before the Second Coming of Christ.

    This individual to whom God would raise would also fulfill the promises made to John The Baptist as a type for this Latter Day Teacher like unto John.

    It certainly stands to reason, as we ponder and wittness the redundant patterns by which God reveals Himself, that surely the importance of the Second Coming of Christ merrits the prepratory elements that preceeded His First Coming.

    Back then, John was sent as the Forerunner to the King to serve as a wittness of what God had taught him while growing up concerning the Christ to come. A Forerunner is ALWAYS sent to announce the arrival of the King. And the message which John delivered to the people was that of Repentance & humility that would be necessary for us to understand the Spiritual Nature of Christ’s First coming.

    The Second Coming of the Lord is of a different Nature and will require another like John to prepare the entire World for that event.

    Where as John’s mission was centered on the Covenant People of God, and as such, the teachings & warnings he gave applied only to the Covenant people. They were judged for rejecting the Christ & judgement came upon them 40 years later.

    In the case of the End of Days, this Final judgement is not localized or mearly Regoinal in it’s scope. This is World Judgement we are talking about.

    Therefore, for God to be just in His condemnation & eventual destruction of the World, He must first Warn the World.

    There MUST be an unmistakeable wittness sent from God with the Power & Authority of God and not some Bible College expert with strong opinions. But rather someone from whose bowels, the very words & voice of God flows from.

    God would not be just, loving or true, if He did not WARN ALL the World of these coming Judgements. And if you say we have the Scriptures that provides a reasonable warning to the World, then I say HOG WASH!

    There are so many opinions & interpretations of the Scriptures, even among those who study the Scriptures, let alone those who do not, or don’t even know what they are, that there is NO OTHER WAY to get the REAL TRUTH OUT than doing what God has ALWAYS done…Send a REAL PROPHET & not some scholarly expert or well known Evangelist or some crazy who holds up signs on the corner. He will send HIS chosen representive to tell EVERYONE ( Especially the “EXPERTS”) that this is the WAY IT IS & this is the WAY IT WILL BE. And if we chose to ignore or fight that GOD GIVEN testimony from HIS servant, the Final “John the Baptist”… then it is not HE who will have a problem. It will be us who turn from that Warning Voice of God.

    The Gospel Plan was never intended, nor is it something that requires the “Brains of a Scholar” to interpret for us “DUMB FOLK.”

    The Lord has made this a no brainer. He has given us so many simple patterns by which to recognize his MODE of opperation.

    There was a Teacher of Righteousness in the days of yore & there will be another LIKE him to come & clear up this ignorant, egotistical, and interprative Gosple nightmare we have created for ourselves.

    I only hope that more & more people who think they are truly interested in what God has and will say, would come to realize that all this interprative confussion would lead one to the conclusion that it dosn’t take a genius to know that ONE MAN WILL HAVE TO BE SENT BY GOD TO PUT US STRAIGHT SO THAT GOD CAN GET TO THE BUSINESS OF JUDGING THIS MESS & CLEANING IT UP SO HE WILL HAVE A FIT HOUSE TO RETURN TO.

    None of this is all that complicated. There is a job to do to prepare for the Lord’s Second Great advent and it will take some preparation. And I don’t think the Lord will need a lot of help from the “EXPERTS” to do that. He never has in the past, but maybe He has just decided to all of a sudden do things differently this time.

    Every Single cycle of destruction & rebirth that this world has ever seen, follows the SAME pattern. It never varies. When things are truly at their worst, is when men think they have a handle on things & have all the answers. Then low and behold God sends a Guy to set the record straight and hardly anyone believes him, so God must do what he has to do when that happens.

    He removes the righteous few from harms way, then allows men the priviledge of killing each other with their wisdom and answers to the way they belive things should be and everyone is happy. Each person uses their agency to choose for themselves what path they follow & Judgement is proscribed according to the choices we make.

    So yes. There will be Judgement. But not before fair warning is given by some one UNMISTAKEABLY sent from God. You will recognize him by the fact that he will appeal to EVERY PERSON ON EARTH and will be held for GOOD or EVIL depending on the ear of the recipiant of his message.

    But make no mistake about it, this will be the GREATEST PROPHET of God next to Christ Himself.

    And it dosn’t take a genius to figure out who that will be. The LAST GREATEST WITTNESS to the conclusion of this worlds existence as we now know it, and the individual responsible for testifying of the reality of God & His Son is the ONLY MAN qualified for the job.

    Now…Do you know who that Last Great wittness will be? I’ll give you a hint…He was also the First Great & Constant Witness given to us whereby we come to know these things in the first place.

    He is a MAN just like you & me and as was Christ. He is the Lord’s Brother & left Hand of the Father. It takes TWO Hands to get any job done the way it should be, and that priciple applies to the Father now using His LEFT HAND to testify of SECOND COMING of His RIGHT HAND (JESUS).

    Do I need to spell out the name of the LEFT HAND of God?

    Can you see the simplisity beyond all the confusion over what the heck is to happen before the Lord’s return?

    Religiuos experts & novelist alike, have taken a simple plan of God that he has layed out very plainly for us to read, and have concockted every senerio imaginable, and it becomes obvious that we are not all getting the same thing from what we read, hence forth, the need for God to correct

    If you can’t understand what I am saying, then YOU feel that all we need to do, is just gather more & more facts as concerned individuals out to find the will of God,and someday we will get it right. But I would suspect that before that happens, God & His Final Prophet will have already beat us to the punch. What do you think?…

    Comment by rob | October 31, 2009 | Reply

    • I agree with most of what you say with the exception of your denigration of scholarly work. There is MUCH to know about Torah, especially as it will be applied in the millennium, and on account of the wretched mistranslation of consensus scholars. One thing that scholars can show us is the essentials of our relationship with Yahweh that churchy types and their ilk have disguised or proclaimed passed away all these centuries. This is one reason that I make better translations of essential texts, so those who are seriously starved for knowledge (instead of just assuming you get it all when you are ‘raptured’) can go on from being merely ‘saved’ to becoming of use in the kingdom come. jack

      Comment by netzer | October 31, 2009 | Reply

  2. I also meant to say, that the above analysis done by Jack, follows a logical tract as do many of the interpretations of who this Teacher of Righteousness was. But until you realize that the eschalotogical nature of ALL Scripture points to something God wants us to know of OUR DAY, the Lord’s DAY, then interpretations of the truth will ALWAYS be at variance. But REAL TRUTH, NOT RELATIVE to our way of seeing things, is given expression by Jeff Goldbloom who says in the movie “The Lost World”…”There ARE no versions of the truth.”

    God’s manner of revealing truth manifests itself in simple redundency. This is the same principle we use to teach ourselves. It’s a simple principle that should not be tampered with by our own great wisdom. And as far as I can see, our “OWN GREAT WIADOM” equates to our “OWN GREAT EGOS” that tell us we know more than God dose & only the very “SMART” people will ever get this thing straight, so I must keep trying to exault my understanding above that of God’s.

    I appreciate the effort many people put into contemplating the mysteries of God, but until we come to know that He is really a very “DOWN TO EARTH” sort of Man with a very simple yet brillant Plan, because maybe, just maybe, it is as simple as Him having already traveled the road we are now on and He is just trying to use His experience & Wisdom to help us achieve what He already has.

    Afterall, did Jesus not say that we are to inherit ALL that God has? You tell me by what other way could we do that, than to follow the Path marked for us by His Son, who said… that He has only done what He has knows His Father has done, in order to show us the WAY to get there. And Where is there? And what will we be doing?

    Well, I guess that will depend on how a person interprets what He THINKS is the truth. Hopefully, what a man is thinking, is also what God is thinking.

    If not, then I’m sure God, who is our loving Father, will provide a place in which each of us can feel comfortable with “OUR” interpretation of Heaven & what goes on there.

    But if that interpretation is not in sync with God’s understanding of the FULL reality of His Presence, then it’s not likely we will be ivited in. Something LESS than that will have to do. Not a burning Hell, but rather a place where we can relax in our own comfort zone. Hell would be reserved for those Sons of Perdition who opt for that option based on their COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE & DEFIANCE of God. Thank goodness their probably won’t be too many of us to fall into that catagory.

    It ain’t no different from the rules you set in your own home here on earth. God recognizes our right to do that. And we in turn will be required to recognize His right to do the same in His Heavenly Home.

    It’s not simply a matter of being a “NICE” person that qualifies us to enter into the House of God. It is also the willingness to recognize & accept the Governing Principles of the Heaven where He dwells. If we are not willing to recieve ALL that He would like for us to inherit, then by no means will that be forced on us.

    But I can tell you from the inner most part of my heart that He longs for ALL of us to become “JUST LIKE HIM”, as Jesus simply said we should strive to become.

    So yes. Your interpretation is a logical one if you don’t take into account ALL factors regarding the METHOD & PURPOSE by which God reveals ABSOLUTE TRUTH as opposed to our RELATIVE truth that lacks in it’s final understanding of WHO God really is and who WE are in relation to that.

    He’s our Dad & we’re His kids and He loves us and wants us to become “JUST LIKE HIM”. He’s not just like the Wzzard of Oz giving us some LOFTY words of widom & advice from the HIGH CLOUDS to a bunch of human peons… He is trying to tell us by infrence, that every single little struggle we have in this existence is part of WHO HE IS.

    This is another of those simple patterns of life as we know it here on earth, with regard to our own children, that we have PROCREATED with God, that we as parents, can offer up help & guidance to OUR children to help them become like us because we have traveled that same road in life.

    And just as it is almost incomprehensible to our young children that we were like them at one time, so too, our ability to comprehend that God was once like us, seems the same.

    Yet, dose our refusal to recognize that, really prevent the truth from eventually becoming known?

    I would expect that a kind Father would not SHOCK us with a reality we are not able to grasp & would simply place us where we didn’t have to confront that reality as HE knows it to be.

    MY only thing I guess I will never understand…is why anyone would want to turn down ALL that a loving Father has to offer.

    But I suppose the answer to that, simply lies in the fact, that many of God’s children tend to disagree with Him and it means that maybe I won’t have to fight off a huge number of my siblings in order to spend some one on one time with my Father who I love with all that I am.

    I want to be with Him & my Brother more than anything now, as the confused state of the world is very sad and feels so unwelcoming to me. I feel like a stranger in a strange land & I want to go Home.

    I know my Father & I know His Plan. And I know of His love for all of us and of the sadness so much of this brings Him.

    But in the End, the sadness will give way to happiness as it ALWAYS dose and He will AlWAYS be our Father no matter what choices we make and that’S what grieves Him…Not being our Father, but rather because of some of the choices we make.

    I am a grieving Father myself who is aquainted with that sort of pain. It hurts. But I hope my pain someday gives way to happiness also. I believe it will, but getting there is a chore I never wish to repeat. And if I am right about eternal patterns, then grief is something that will attend my life all through eternity. I only hope it takes on a new and higher perspective that’s easier to deal with.

    Jack, your Father loves you and wants you to see & understand your life as simply you being your Father’s Son & walking the walk of our Example given to us that was comitted deeply enough in His love for you & me that He gave His very life for us. And coming to realize that the Gospel Plan is as simple and beautiful & perfect as it can be without us changing it to fit our limited perspective of the true purpose of this life we are in.

    It is as simple as knowing that our Father in Heaven has walked OUR walk in His own life, and that He has simply devised a Plan whereby He can help us achieve what He has, if we will but listen carefully to HIM & not be distracted by the things of the World that try to distact us from that simple truth.

    Once you come to realize and feel the truth of what I am teling you, then you will know that I, like many others, have also been completely at a loss at a certain point in our own lives, when we was overcome by the World around us and turned to the last person in the world I thought of to maybe give me some REAL POINTERS in life that I could use.

    I KNOW Them and know that absolute truth dose exist but it is not of this world. And soon our Father will send a true Hero that we ALL are in desperate need of right now.

    And he will be the one chosen of God to put ALL THINGS in their proper perspective & order prior to the Lord’s return, so as to offer as many who will come to the truth, the opportunity to recieve it and be litterally saved by it.

    May our understanding of God’s Plan be comprehensive & simple as it is intended to be, and not be littered with the precepts of men. May God grant you the clarity of true reason to descern the truth when it presents itself to you.

    And may you find new wonder in the simple wonders of God and His Love & Plan, to get us to where He is now.

    It’s a HARD life but a GOOD one. Once around is enough for me, thank you. But I will never forget this trip & I hope I can offer future children of mine, the same GOOD council & LOVING help my Heavenly Father has given me.

    But I know that getting them to catch on to the SECRET of this life & it’s purpose, is going to be like pulling the Hens teeth I had to pull, learning it for myself.

    Life & It’s Secret & Purpose is as simple as knowing that you Love your own Parents & children.

    then we are making Him & ourselves & His Gospel out to be something we are NOT.

    Comment by rob | October 31, 2009 | Reply

  3. The last line of my last statement is not suposed to be there. Sorry.

    Comment by rob | October 31, 2009 | Reply

  4. I just read your comment to my first remark and concure with your understanding the importance of KNOWING the Law as so many Christains “proclaim” they do. You are absolutely right when it comes to the need for us to TRULY UNDERSTAND the Law. It’s by LAW that ALL THINGS are governed and without a thorough knowledge of it, how in the world can we ever come to govern ourselves the way God would have us to do in order for us to understand the parameters of Heavenly sucess.

    It HAS to been done HIS WAY. By the same measure, the cold harshness of a LAW despensed with Scholarly Letter of the Law exactness, that dosn’t account for the need for mercy, lends itself to what we are faced with today in terms of Political & Religiuos Correctness that chokes our ability to express ourselves as normal people.

    This is the very attitude of the Pharasies who overly indulged themselves in the “EXACTNESS” of the Law. This reminds me of the Scholarly approach to God.

    The opposite of that mentality was expressed by the Brother of Juda, (Ephriam), who without giving any credance to the value of the Law whatsoever, flouted his defiance of it.

    The comparison you draw to that of the typical, “God will Rapture me out of here, despite my flouting of the Law” Christain, is the antithesis to a Scholarly persuit to God.

    Neither, in their negative form, will ever get any of us close to the God I know. Yet the Wildley passion of Ephriam, if it is channeled in the right way, by being tempered with Juda’s natural respect for the Law, would enable us to gain an understanding of the WAY we need to approach God and make HIM happy.

    This, I believe is in the Plan. The Scriptures speak of Ephriam & Juda as representives of the Birth Right & Right to Rule, respectively, and an understanding & reconcilliation of both of those principles of Heaven, must be restored as I certainly suspect they will.

    If you study not just the Law, but the structure of prophetic revelation, then you come to know that the Crazy Christains are the seed of Ephriam & the tribe of Juda has always been a recognizable people.

    Now that the long LOST brother Ephriam is out in the open, but dosn’t even have the sense to realize who he is,will someday soon apply the Law more fully to himself & Juda will come to forgive him of his tresspass.

    But the Birth Right, as God proclaimed upon Ephriam through Joseph, dose give him the right & responsibility for helping to open the closed eyes of Juda.

    It will only be the colelest joining of Ephriam & Juda in both recognizing that each holds an equal yet different piece of the answer to the True Nature of God, as manefested in Juda’s understanding of the Law combined with the Compassion of Ephriam (Christains), to know how to temper the Law with mercy, that all of this hoopla will be solved.

    Each must aquire what the other has.

    And it’s the impending calamities that are to come upon the World that will serve as a catylis to making that happen.

    I don’t condem knowing the Law, I only sugjest that the Law must be administerd in the fashion for which it was intended and not as an end unto itself as being the only thing necessary to approach God.

    The God I know is not one I found in the “LAW”. But I realize the importance of knowing and living it to gain a FULL understanding of Justice as well as mercy that comprise his full charater.

    To make a simple point of what I am saying…I liken Christains to a Mother who has certain qualities of inate compassion that are apparent & necessary but take a back seat to the perspective of the concept of justice that makes itself more plain to see in Fathers… (Juda, those whose right it is to rule) as opposed to Ephriam (Mom) who has the responsibilty of acting in counsel to Dad without encroaching on his rightful teritory to ratify the results of a decision based on her input.

    The true understanding of the conflict that plauges men & women in their quest to both put their two cents in on every argument, is to realize that BOTH play and EQUAL, yet different role, required to understand the TRUE NATURE of God.

    I propose and supose, that the fact that these conditions do exist on earth, is to infer a similar condition exists according to the Family structure of Heaven. And that we have not generally recognized that fact. The only difference as far as the condition in Heaven would go, is that I believe TWO adult God’s, one being the Wife & the other being a Husband, have sort of perfected the understanding of the Equal Yet seperate Nature of their role as OUR PARENTS and are trying to get us to realize that truth for ourselves and recognize the equally important things, we as Husbands & Wives both have, to offer each other as Married couples ( like Adam & Eve) and also as Parents to children we are trying to teach to become good sposes & Parents themselves one day.

    These to me, are only a few of the simple patterns of life that we are familar with, and as is contained in the Law to testify of it, that sugjests that both the Law, as represented by Scholars and Mercy, as represented by those sensless Christains, are EQUALLY important in the SYMBIOTIC relationship that they have.

    Once the pride of Scholarly Loftiness becomes tempered with knowing for WHAT reason the Law was given in the FIRST place, and when the pushiness of false Christain values take their proper seat, then those who actually achieve that repective goal will come together on the common ground of Both recognizing the Same God as their own, and find simple joy & happiness in that. And neither, any longer having the desire to step beyond the bounds of the WRITTEN Law, becuase it has now become etched in our hearts as God said it WOULD be.

    I love the Law, but my understanding of it comes in the form of naturally having it engrained in my heart as what I percive as good common sense that dosn’t require the magnifying glass of Scholarly analysis to bring it to light.

    The very WAY in which Christ conducted His life through compassion, as well as his aquired understanding of the Law, tells me that His aquisition of His knowledge of the LETTER of the Law (ANALYTICAL approach to life), took a back seat to the act of expressing Himself out of His Pure UNANALIZED Love for us when suffering & dying for us and not really quoting much of the Law at that time.

    The intent of the Law, as was given through Moses, was for the purpose of preparing us to recieve additional understanding that transends harden facts of justice depensed by those who only know the LETTER of the Law.

    Christ came not to despense of the Law but rather to Magnify it into something Greater than is typically understood of it.

    This NEW and Final Teacher of Righteousness should bring us away from the harsh confines of Political & Religious Correctness that we are now enslavd to, and bring us back the fresh air of truth as is percieved by our Loving Father in Heaven & His Son.

    I figure the only one who can both enact righteous preliminary judgement as well as extend Mercy to those who deserve it, will be the same person who was commissioned to do that very same thing just after the Lord ascended into Heaven and sent the Holy Spirit to do in a more dirrect way than had been done in the past, to serve not only the needs of the people of that time , but to let us know that in like manner, the Spirit would have the need, to once again return, only now in the Flesh, to serve as Fathers Final wittness, Prophet, interpreter of the Law & Prophets, and Deliverer to those needing to be saved in the chaos that is about to ensue on this worl.

    And for The Spirit to simply have the priviledge of doing what each of us and Christ had the priviledge of doing…That is, to take upon himself a Physical Body as did all of us & Christ have done so far, and for him to fulfill his Earthly assignments that he would have to fufill in the flesh as did Christ and all of us are currently doing.

    Only The ANGEL of God’s Presence in the Old Testament,(The Holy Spirit) has enough experience & first hand knowledge of God to be able to do such a task.

    And if the Father is to win this war of Truth vs. Evil, then I would reckon Him to be smart & use BOTH of His hands to win the fight.

    He delt the first blow of death to the adversary by using His RIGHT HAND (JESUS CHRIST) to to conquer sin itself and break the effects of it’s curse. But I would dare to say that He alone did not accomplish that feat, but rather had the help of a silent partner to lead Him through hsi mission to eventually Jesus having to finally bear His cross alone. And in the End of Days, so too, will the LEFT HAND of God, now be accompanied by the Brother He once helped in His mission to conquere sin & death.

    The proof & shadow of that forcasted reality lies in the offering of two equally qualified Goats who where chosen by lots on the Day of Atonement to reconcile Man with God through their equal yet different roles. One could not be completely accomplished without the others help.

    These simple ordinances are to bring us to a knowledge of this reality and define our relationship with TWO very SPECIAL BROTHERS of ours, as well as to our Father whom they represent. And lets not forget Mom. She is the most Special of ALL, BECAUSE she is willing to play a support, but equal role to our Father.

    Comment by rob | October 31, 2009 | Reply

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