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Habeas Corpus: Produce the Body

Greetings in Messiah, Hebraic Roots Friends:

Roots and Branches Vero Beach will meet Friday evening for a short time of worship and training, then of Saturday (Sabbath) 2 PM for in depth roundtable-style Scripture study.  Thanks to you who have been pivotal in keeping the word going out.  Yahweh is indeed moving over the entire earth.

Here are a couple g1fts for you this week.

Habeas Corpus: Produce the Body

We know that Yahshua the Anointed ascended into the sky, as it is reported in Acts 1.  But suppose he went up to come down somewhere else.  Since it is beyond belief that the Savior of the World would be spending the last 20 centuries kneeling in the heavenly prayer room.  Rather, He is living and active.  Yes, I think he came down.  In fact, Yahshua was reported as down m

This is the best Enoch anywhere

This is the best Enoch anywhere

any times in the literature of first century Nazorean Judaism.  He was seen in Galilee, Arabia, Galatia, and Turkey according to the New Testament.  First century history also has him seen other places, including a notice by Emperor Claudius somewhere around 50 AD.  He also prophesied the fall of Jerusalem in 68 – 70 AD.  We’re pretty sure his brother Simeon Cleopas was in Jerusalem at that time, during the “escape” to Pella.  Wouldn’t the Master be there also?

I have put together an audio presentation that follows the story Yahshua from the crucifixion in 33 AD or so to the escape from Jerusalem in 69 AD, including all the reported stories in between, with appearances by some of the talmidim (disciples) as well.  I call the story by the title HABEAS CORPUS, a legal term meaning “you should have the body,” meaning, of course, the body of the Risen Sovereign.  It’s a great story (I’m told); entirely based on the early annals of Hegesippus, Clement, ESuetonius, Eusebius, and JOSEPHUS, who was actually at Jerusalem throughout the siege.

You may listen to Habeas Corpus here: http://radio-yahweh.com/m3u/habeas-corpus.m3u (55 minutes) or read the story at this link: http://www.jacksonsnyder.com/arc/2005/habeas.htm.

Higher Criticism for All!

Textual criticism of the Scriptures gets a bad rap.  We can learn a lot about both then and now if we will only be a little more critical in our approach.  (Critical in this instance means Analytical.)  Part of our Sabbath study will include an exercise in scriptural analysis that I call Parallels and a Little Chiasm.  Participate in a little Textual Criticism by doing this short exercise and you may never see the Scripture the same way again.  A half hour spent with Parallels and a Little Chiasm can make every subsequent study a time of popping out, as new correlations and truths begin to jump from the text.  Parallels and a Little Chiasm includes directions, and is found at this link:  http://www.jacksonsnyder.com/yah/message/parallel-chiasm.htm.

Enoch (Khanokh), the Sky Tripper

Finally I have a couple new translations.  The Book of Enoch (Khanokh) is quoted in the New Testament at least once, and several times in the Sinaiticus that is getting so much attention.  I have a brand new translation of 1 Enoch taking in account the Hebrew, Greek, Coptic, and Aramaic texts.  This doesn’t make the reading hard – it makes it easy – and with the True Names back in where they belong.  I call this translation Khanokh the Sky Tripper.  It features a full glossary, alternate readings, and a picture of Belial’s eyes on the cover.  You may purchase the paperback at cost from www.Apostolia.us or you may have a free digital version.  Just reply and ask for one – glad to send it.

Bar Naba of the Seventy Comes to Life

Finally, I have a new translation of one of the LOST BOOKS OF THE BIBLE – in the Sinaiticus but cast out of the canon by the Pope in the 9th century. This is generally known as The Epistle of Barnabas, but I call it A Letter of bar Naba to his Sons and Daughters – because that’s what HE calls it.  I believe this book to be authentic and written by exactly who claims to have written it.  Mysteries are solved in this book; like, “The Mystery of the Three Letters ,” “The Mystery of the Seven Days” (about the Millennium), and the exposition of what Yahweh will make an end of when he comes.

The book sports an awesome picture of my brother Phil’s face on the cover.  It’s available at cost in paperback from www.Apostolia.us, you may hear the audio book here: http://radio-yahweh.com/m3u/bar09.m3u (about an hour). Or if you want a digital, reply and ask for it.

Enough for now.  May Yahweh bless you right out of church and into the truth.  As usual, if you want off this list, let me know.  It won’t hurt my feelings – well not too much.

Always in the Scripture,

Dr. Jackson H. Snyder II

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  1. Greetings,

    I hope this message finds you whole and hale 🙂

    I am a student of the arts, technology, philosophy, history, religion and myth.

    I would humbly request both the Enochian tranliteration “Khanoch, The Sky Tripper” and the epistle of Bar Naba “A Letter of bar Naba to his Sons and Daughters”, in digital form.

    I have eagerly awaited the former since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and would be delighted to examine the latter in the interest furthering my understanding of the world I live in.

    Also I would like to thank you for your contribution to the literature, and for your intelligent and respectful approach to reading the scripture.

    May all that is Holy keep and protect you.

    Peace be with you always!


    Comment by James Stallings | September 7, 2009 | Reply

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