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The Great Escape of ’68

Hello, achim and achiot from Roots & Branches Hebraic Roots in Vero Beach. It’s great to actually use a group name to address you this week!
R&B Group will be meeting at Tabernacles Ministries’ River Room Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) 7:30 PM and Shabbat (the 7th day) at 3 PM.
Directions are found at http://www.YAHpop.us. If you receive this, you are invited. Study is roundtable style (no pews or such) and informal.

A Breathtaking Journey
The last few months have taken us on a breathtaking, whirlwind tour of apostolic literature! We’ve stopped here and there to examine small niches of interest and wonder, then flown higher into the heavens to see how the small places get lost in the landscape. Just look where we’ve been in our search through prophecy for the Standing Man:

Sestains of Destiny – – anointed and prophetic verse
Isaiah 9 – 19 – – 2006 to the Abraham Path Initiative
Jeremiah 50 – 51 – – Two Gulf Wars
First Enoch – – Judgment of the chattaim
Genesis 1 & 2 – – the two creations, signs of destiny
Epistle of Barnabas – – the seven days of soteriological history
Ezekiel 38 & 39 – – the two Turkish captivities, Gog and Rosh identified (not Russia)
Jeremiah 35 ff – – Zeal! The Rechabites; Phinehas and Melchizedek priesthoods
Romans 10 – – Zeal and Proxy!
Dead Seas Scrolls, Community Rule – – the Mebakker and Zakanim
Gospel of Thomas – – the inheritance of James the Just, Pillar, standing man
Clement’s Epitomes – – Paul v. James on the Temple Steps, the Netzer Exodus
Flavius Josephus – – rising men: Theudas, Judas, the mysterious Egyptian, the escape (69 AD)
Acts 21ff – – Zeal for the Torah and the plot against Paul the Heretic. Zeal! Zeal! Innovation!

Escape to Pella, 68 AD. The Real Story!
This weekend we will continue with a closer look at the BELIEVERS’ ESCAPE FROM JERUSALEM DURING THE ROMAN SEIGE IN 68 AD.
Although James died in 62 (and thus commenced the war with the Roman Empire), there was at least one other brother of our Savior on hand for the escape.
This other brother was known in history simply as “The Rechabite.” He is known in the Gospels as Simon the Canaanaean, Simon the Zealot, and Simeon bar Cleopas.
There was a miracle in 68 AD. You should Learn about another great witness of the faith who is passed over by the scribes. Simeon Cleopas.

You Won’t Find This In Your Church
This width and breadth of Scripture study is impossible to find outside of the top institutes of higher education; yet despite the academics, the word rises up with anointing and conviction.
The wonderful thing about the study of so-called “Christian Origins” is that when someone brings something new to the roundtable, those who know the Word almost always ‘find the fit’ or history within their own scriptural understanding. We experience many EUREKA MOMENTS. When was the last time you had a EUREKA MOMENT in Sunday School? More probably to have a SENIOR MOMENT there!

James the Just & Simeon bar Cleopas
These fellows walked together down the Emmaus Road. If you’d like to know a little more about the brother of our Savior, James the Just, here is streaming audio of my impressions about James when archaeology made the discovery of the James Ossuary public in 2003. You can download it and play it if you’d rather.
Here is the link to the stream: http://radio-yahweh.com/m3u/snyder-james-just.m3u
Here is the link to the MP3 download: http://www.radio-yahweh.com/byrneville-5/snyder-life-times-james-just.mp3

I got your questions this week, but have run out of time to answer! Will get to the questions in the next installment.

Want off the list? Reply and tell me so.
Want to add your scriptural friends? Let me know.
May Yahweh bless you; and may you always bless Yahweh, King of the Universe.

In the Scripture,

Dr. Jackson H. Snyder II

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