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MaGoG and MisGoG

Greetings from R & B Group Vero Beach, FL (Root & Branches) (www.yahpop.us);

The group is getting together Friday evening (Erev Shabbat) for worship and study. Also Saturday (Shabbat) for Scripture Prophecy Session. If you receive this notice, you are invited. Go to http://www.yahpop.us for directions, or reply to this email. Also reply if you want off this list.

Roundup of Biblical Prophetic History
Here is where we have been in Bible Prophecy: Isaiah 9 – 19, Jeremiah 50, 51, and a few places in Revelation. We have seen that most of the Prophecies about the land and the returns have been fulfilled in some of our lifetimes. We have visited Israel, Syria, Assyria (Iraq), Babylon (Iraq), Chaldea (Iraq), Gaza (Gaza strip), Moab (Jordan) and Lebanon. We have charted history to learn in what great detail the fate of these nations had been predicted and accomplished. We will finish up with this tour on Shabbat, and we will be going on to the ominous Magog, Tubal, Meshech, Media for the excitement of Ezekiel 36 – 39. Most ‘bible scholars’ profess Magog to be present day Russia, and they predict that Russia and Iran (Media) will team up to destroy Israel, meeting their fate in the valley of Megiddo, and any day now.

GoG and MaGoG Displaced
But I have news for you. Magog is no where near Russia – Magog is Turkey! And therefore we look not to the carrot on the stick of latter day prophets, but rather to the dynasty of the Turks, who may have fulfilled the Magog prophecy centuries ago. Did you know that Turkey only lost its long-standing world status as a power in the 20th century (First World War)? Well, it’s great to see that YHWH actually demonstrates the fulfillment of prophecy to the historian instead of just allowing men and women with an agenda use the text for their future catastrophe.

Streaming Audio This Week
As Barnabas says over and over in his epistle, “Learn You!” And we are learning the ways of our Father in our roundtable discussions on Sabbath. Everyone has erudite contributions to make. Best yet, as one fellow pointed out, getting into the Word of YHWH is a high and prescribed form of worship. Oh, I mentioned Barnabas because I listened to an audio version of his prophetic letter – the one cast out of the New Testament by the Roman Church because it was too Hebraic. Anyway, this week let me offer you the chance to hear the Epistle yourself along with a short commentary explaining its secrets. (The streaming audio at the link is about an hour in length.)

The playlist is attached (malware free). While at it, here’s a link to Jesse Snyder’s (Pete’s) latest guitar release in streaming audio.

Here’s a link to the streaming audio Jesse Snyder Latest Guitar Album

Shabbat Shalom, Jackson Snyder


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