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Egypt and the Lost Years of Jesus

Hello, worshipful friends:

Shavuot / Pentecost Litany, manuscript and audio
Pentecost was a great time of praise and fellowship, as we used an ancient litany especially composed for our service. “Litany” is a technical term for a series of prayers. The Shavuot Litany is for use in your home, so it’s on the web for you at this link: Shavuot Litany Manuscript. It’s not too late for you to celebrate the feast at home or church, Halleluyah. You may also LISTEN to the Litany, streaming it from the web by clicking on the malware-free attachment. The Shavuot / Pentecost Bible lessons are also on audio. You may find them at http://www.Radio-Yahweh.com.

Prophecy Watch – Egypt / Mitzraim
No sooner to we finish the Isaiah 10 – 19 prophecy roundtable than we learn that Obama will address all Arabs from Cairo, Egypt. One of the last prophetic events needing fulfillment from 10 – 19 is a short Egyptian civil war.

Modern day Egypt is a nation of great unrest, ruled by a despot, stirred to rebellion by Muslim moderates. The last great leader of Egypt who stepped out for peace was Anwar Sadat. The peace Sadat brought to Egypt. Was rewarded by hi brutal assassination. We haven’t heard much of Egypt since. I reported on the persecution of an ancient Egyptian sect of Believers, the Copts, in my fall 1999 newsletter. Would you believe that web page is still out there? The Copts were at that time being systematically stamped out by Muslim moderates. There are not many left; however, they may have an important role to play in the 10 – 19 prophecy fulfillments. Just a few elect believers may wield the greatest power of all through PRAYER. Keep eyes on Egypt. (Read Why Do Some Muslims Hate?)

Prophecy This Week – The Mystery is History
The Yahad Scripture Roundtable will take up broad topics in The Revelation for the next two weeks, with two sessions per week. These sessions are by invitation only, but If you are receiving this email, you are invited. For directions to our new ‘digs,’ check out http://www.YAHpop.us. Erev and Shabbat this week the discussion subjects are The Two Babylons. If we get through that we will move on to unmasking The Beasts of lore and history. Both of these topics allow us once again to delve into first-century history and the historic identities the family and descendants of Yahshua Messiah, one of my favorite topics.

Audio for the Whole Family, Better than TV
Let me leave you this week with a few worshipful yet entertaining stories based on the secular history of the Messiah and his family. The following are links to streaming audio, so you should be able simply to click the link to get your media player going. And these are a series, so if you like the first one, the rest follow in sequence. If you do listen to any, let me know and we will send you a nice gift.

The Restoration of the Prophetic Word (The Story of Zacharyah the Priest)
Sabbath Showdown 2 BC (The Family of Joseph in the Nazareth Synagogue, 2 BC)
Pilgrimage to Jerusalem (The Family of Ya’aqov and MarYah travel to Jerusalem for the Feast.)
The Lost Years of Yahshua (Where was ‘Jesus’ all that time. No, not in India.)
Out From the Desert (The remarkable acts wrought by the apostles once out of the wilderness.)
The Parting of Prophets (Yash and Yoch have a falling out and go their separate ways.)
A Fishy Wedding (The miracle of Ya’aqov’s (James’) mustash.)
Miracle and Murder (Who is the victim? Hint – it is one of the Zebedyahs.)
Sabbath Showdown 28 AD (Back to the Synagogue 30 years later.)

Jackson Snyder, Root and Branches Vero Beach Yahad (Discipleship Group), http://www.YAHpop.us

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