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Home or Group Passover Seder

Greetings from Netzari Virtual Yahad, Vero Beach, Florida (www.NEVY.us).




I have been away from the keyboard for awhile, giving me time read and think more about my favorite Scriptural subject, which is “The Mystery of Yahshua’s Family.”  I heard a very well known archaeologist confess that he never considered that the Master had any family at all.  However, the Brit Chadasha (New Covenant) tells us plainly that he had uncle and aunt, cousins, brothers, sisters, and, of course, mother.  Yet these family members are shrouded by the authors, probably because at the time of the Scripture’s publication, kings and even the Roman emperor (Trajan) were still looking for family members.  Why?  Because they were in the Davidic line and had a claim to power.  I will be doing a series of short essays to show you what we know about these people from the earliest histories, traditions, and even hard evidence in the archaeological record.  But first, let me bring to you a NEED and then a little bit on Scriptural NEW YEAR.


I learned yesterday that there is a local woman, retired, who is in stage 4 cancer and now in a home awaiting the inevitable.  Her only access to the outside world is her laptop computer, which is now irreparable and falling apart.  It could be that several who read this note have and older model laptop in the closet – one that is in great working order but is just gathering dust.  I can FIX computer operating systems or virus attacks, if that is the trouble with your laptop (I started troubleshooting computers in 1978), and the laptop I have is far too sophisticated for many to use.  New, full use laptops cost as little as $300 these days.  Perhaps someone reading will get a notion to get that laptop out and send it to me for her.  If so, I will give you complete details and a tax receipt if necessary.  In the meantime, this lady will at least have a connection for the time she has left.  Thank you.


More and more, believers are turning back to the Scriptures to learn how to live like the earliest followers of Yahshua, who were called Nazoreans (or Nazarenes), but who called themselves “Those on THE WAY” (Acts 9:2).  If you are upon THE WAY, then it would profit you to know that some very important days in the apostolic life are approaching. We are expecting the NEW YEAR to begin the night of March 16.  The first new moon after spotting green ears on the barley plant is the Scriptural New Year.  Yahweh made it easy for anybody to discover when the Scriptural year begins by this method – just spot the new moon after the plants display green grains.  It is important that Yahweh shows us in two kind;, so we never need to be confused about when the cycle of Holy Days begins.


Vayikra (Leviticus) 23: 5.  In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month in the evening, is Yahweh’s Passover.   So to find the evening of Passover, we simply count 14 days from the “green ears new moon.”  If the small crescent of new moon arrives March 16th, then Passover will arrive March 30 (remembering that Scriptural days begin at sunset).  Notice also that this text makes it clear that Passover is not a “Jewish Holiday.” Father Yahweh says that the holidays of Leviticus 23 are HIS HOLIDAYS, to be observed by ALL BELIEVERS  “forever throughout your generations in all your homes” (v.14).  PASSOVER is kept primarily in the home among family and friends with a ceremonial meal.  The Master of Ceremonies may be anyone in the house who has worked through the Passover service (or, “Seder”).  I challenge you to read through the Seder now.  This is a quick way for the newbie to uncover its riches and understand why it is worth changing one’s lifestyle to take the family through.


It is not my intention to get into the background of the Passover – because if you do a home or group Passover, or read the Seder, you will know it all.  What I want to offer you is encouragement: you can keep this feast in your home with your family – you can be obedient to the desires of the Father – and receive favor and fond memories that will last a lifetime eand beyond..  Passover, though it is a remembrance of hardship, is a delight to participate in – it’s the best kind of family fun.  Best of all, the Spirit of Messiah will be there, and you will be doing what he pleases instead of the Easter egg thing, which is pagan to the core.


Let me offer you my home Passover service; I have used it for many years, refining it, and finally publishing it. Even if you do not have the meal, simply reading through the Passover Seder will awaken you to why Yahweh’s incredibly deeds are so important for your spiritual life.

You may download the service from my server at this link:  Nazorean Passover Seder.


You may copy this text, or you may purchase paperback booklets at my cost from this link: Booklet Passover Seder.


If the notice is too short to do the Passover at home this year, then you may alternatively do a Nazorean Communion Seder.

The Communion Seder (Eucharist) used by the Apostles of the Nazorean is at this link.



Some people are offended by the word “eucharist,” but there is no reason to be put off.  We call the supper “The Great Thanksgiving” in English, and that is what “eucharist” means in Greek, just like the words “todah rabbah” in Hebrew.  The Eucharist was something wonderful until certain Christian churches caused the word to be wrapped up with superstition, obsession, and blood curses.  True Believers should take the word and the way back, practicing it like the earliest disciples of the Nazorean did.  And we have tried to make that so in this next link to a far more authentic act of worship:

Nazorean Communion Seder, more formal and longer, you may find at this link.


Finally, you can learn about the Yahweh’s other holidays at my new website, www.NEVY.us.

If you need help, let me know.

Yours in the Scripture,

Jackson Snyder


PS I get an email out about once a month.  If you would like to subscribe, please sign up at www.JacksonSnyder.org.

Previous essays may be found here: https://netzer.wordpress.com/.


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The Nativity Puzzle – What Year Was Yahshua Born

This post is best read as the third installment of Taking Christ Out of Xmas (this is part 3)

Historical Markers

According to Matthew, the Nativity occurred during the reign of King Herod the Great (Matthew 1:1).

Herod: Herod the Great died in 4 BC.

Archelaus: Herod’s son Herod Archelaus took over until 6 AD (he reigned about 10 years) when the Romans sent him away.

Augustus: According to Luke, the Nativity occurred when Octavian Caesar (Augustus) was Roman Emperor.  Augustus ruled until 14 AD.

Quirinius: Luke says Quirinius was governor of Syria.  He began ruling 5 – 6 AD

Census: In the rule of Qurinius, there was a census taken 6 – 7 AD.

According to Matthew, the Nativity had to have occurred before the death of Herod the Great in 4 BC.

According to Luke, the Nativity had to have happened in 6 or 7 AD.

Contradiction: So there is a 10-year contradiction between the two evangelists.

Solution: The contradiction is fixed if Matthew’s Herod is not the one they call the Great, but his son Herod Archelaus.

In 6 AD: Augustus was Caesar, Quirinius was Governor, a Herod was King of the Jews, and a census was ongoing. So I choose September 9 (or so), 6 AD as the most likely date of the Nativity (according to the calendar we use).

And the Lifespan?

It is recorded in the annals of secular history that the Savior did indeed die under the governorship of Pontius Pilate.

Pilate: ruled for 10 years – from 25 AD to 35 AD. After the Savior’s crucifixion, Pilate was exiled.

With this plan, the Savior’s natural lifespan would have been 5-6 AD to 30-35 AD.

This works well with the Scripture of Luke 3:23, which tells us that “Yahshua was about thirty years old when he archomenos.”

This word does not mean “began his ministry.”  It means simply ‘began.”

According to our calculations, he lived 5 AD to 35 AD, which is indeed 30 years. (Besides, how can ‘Christ’ have been born ‘BC’?)

THE STAR: What the Star Wasn’t?

Finally let us resolve the mystery of the star mentioned in Matthew that led the Wise Men to Bethlehem, “till it stood over where the child was.”  With this description, we may eliminate several kinds of ‘stars’:

Planet, Conjunction: no – they do not come down. I hope you watched the sky throughout November and December of 2009.  Jupiter was brighter than at any other time in our lives.  I looked at Jupiter many nights – for it first appeared right beside the moon – and saw that we would never be able to tell what Jupiter (or any other planet) was hovering over.

Comet: no – comets never stop moving.

Meteor: no – because they hit the ground in a burning explosion.

Meteorite: no – they burn up in the atmosphere.

There is one kind of start remaining.

THE STAR: What the Star Was

The Wise Men said (Mattyah 2:2), “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the East (Anatolē, Anatolh – note the capitalization in the RSV) and have come to worship him.”

Anatolē can mean three things: (1) in Turkey, is still called Anatolia; (2) in ‘the East’ (actually, from the East); and (3) ‘at its rising,’ this being the correct translation.  Why?

Because YAHSHUA HIMSELF WAS THE STAR, and thus the true fulfillment of the enigmatic prophecy of Balaam (Bamidbar 24:17):

The saying of Bil’am, son of Beor . . . ‘I see Him, but not now; I observe Him, but not near. A STAR WILL COME OUT OF YA’AQOV (Jacob), and A SCEPTER WILL RISE OUT OF YISRA’ ĔL . . .

Since the Wise Men were looking a STAR in Judea (star out of Ya’aqov), belonging to the KING of the Jews (the Scepter), we need no longer look for planet conjunctions or such astral phenomena, but a supernatural sign, perhaps even Yahweh’s Malach himself.

In the Scriptures,

Jackson Snyder


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Taking Christ Out of Xmas, part 2

Roots & Branches Hebraic Roots Study Group will be presenting an informal but liturgical service on Erev Shabbatot in 2010 (7 PM) and Roundtable Study each Shabbat (2 PM).  These are closed meetings, but if you are receiving this message and are in the area, you are invited.  Starting this coming weekend (1/16), we will be starting on the new translation of The Didaché: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles. The books will be available for you at the study.  If you’re not around here and are interested in the study of the Didache, contact me at http://www.Nevy.us. – Jackson Snyder

The Offended Minorty

The last message I send seemed to have scared a few.  (It was titkled, “Taking Christ Out of Xmas.”)  It is fashionable to “put Christ back in Christmas,” not take him out.  But it seems to me that if we would just start again, maybe on the anniversary date of when he was actually born, we could allow “Christ’s Mass” to remain so for those who wanted the tinsel, mistletoe, Yule log, Asherah tree, and the rest of the pagan window dressing.

In the last issue, we also worked on the Roman Catholic “Christ’s Mass,” the conjuring of “Christ” back from the dead in the form of a wafer so the priest might break his body into pieces again.  To do this is what they might call “a mortal sin,” “since they crucify the Son of God on their own account and hold him up to contempt” (Hebrews 6:6).

For you Protestant friends, Christmas is not just an innocent custom, but an invocation for the Messiah to be sacrificed yet again.  If you Protest, why not protest “Christ’s Mass”?  You did away with indulgences and selling baptisms, didn’t you?  Why continue supporting “Christ’s Mass” (Christmas) and thus tacitly approve of the unrighteousness of it?  Your founders and forefathers in the faith certainly did not either condone it nor practice it.

The Founding Fathers

Nor did the founders of this nation celebrate any kind of Mass much less “Christ’s Mass.”  Our foremothers left Europe to get away from such pagan popery and pernicious practices.  Yet now, in the days when folks have again taken up the study of our founding fathers’ spirituality (none of which celebrated Christ’s Mass or Christmas), we are adamant not to “keeping Christ in Christ’s Mass” or any mass. And you spineless Tea Partiers and Federalists – deifying the men and women who were instrumental in bringing the United States into existence and then taking up the combination of secular and religious nationalist worship that none of them would ever go near.

George Washington had a partner in this nation’s birth who is NEVER mentioned by those deifying founders.  His name was Haym Salomon. I have never heard his name mentioned on The Glenn Beck Program or in any contemporary rousing speech.  Why not look up Haym Salomon.

When Was the Nativity

It is very surprising to some that ‘Jesus’ Birthday’ did not take place on December 25.  No shepherds or sheep would be camping outside Bethlehem December 25th! It gets cold in Bethlehem in October – by December, it’s freezing cold.  A babe being born in a stable on December 25th without succumbing to the weather would definitely have to be a miracle.  And why would there be no rooms in hotels that day?  The only celebrations going on around Bethlehem at that time were the pagan Saturnalia of the Romans and the “Birth of Helios, the Unconquered Sun” god of the Greeks.

As the shofat of our study group rightly observed, “December the 25th, the Winter Solstice, is one of the the dumping grounds for pagan holidays; the other is the Vernal Equinox, which we call Easter.” Indeed, then and now, there are plenty of gods and goddesses worshiped on December 25th.

The Surgeon Knew Almost Everything!

In fact, last week I was in the doctor’s waiting room when the doctor popped out of his office after learning I was a ‘theologian.’ He saw my tassels (tzitzim) and gave me a little lecture, “Say, do you know that Jesus wasn’t really born on December 25th – but that it was Saturnalia, the Roman holiday of pagan gods and birthday of the sun god?”  And on went the surgeon with his lecture.  I waited until he was finished and said, “Yes, I know all those facts.”  Then he said, “Well, hardly anyone I ask knows anything about it and some get offended!”  I wanted to say, “For crying out loud – I am a theologian.  Would I give you instructions on how to lance a boil or remove a hemorrhoid?”

He Enskinned September 9

The Scriptures give us a very good clue as to the season and date Yahshua (‘Jesus’) was born.  I asked the surgeon if he knew the following clue – he did not.  Yochanon (John) 1:14 finds us in the middle of a Nativity discourse.

“The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us,” the Word of course being Yahshua the Messiah (aka Christ).

A far better translation is “the Word became flesh and pitched his tent among us.”  Other versions say, “and tabernacled among us.”  A tabernacle is a tent of skin.  The Greek word behind dwelt, pitched his tent, and tabernacled is eskēinōsen, which means was skinned – the implication is that Yahshua was born at the Feast of Tabernacles (aka tents, skins), one of Yahweh’s seven feasts (Leviticus 23), occurring in September or October.  (One might note that in the World of Tomorrow, it will be required that all nations send envoys to Jerusalem to observe the Feast of Tabernacles (Zechariah 14:16).  Maybe one reason for this law is to honor Messiah on his birthday at Tbaernacles.

Another “theologian” I know traced the Nativity to September 9th, a day upon which certainly the shepherds with their sheep would be tabernacling on the outskirts of Bethlehem.  I believe this man is correct as one can be in his dating, and those who really want to rejoice in the Nativity without the pagan trappings of Christ’s Mass should reinstitute September 9 or some such as Nativity Day – a day that is not otherwise connected with commerce, sun gods, or jolly old elves.

The Peoples’ Customs Are Not Fit

As for those trappings, – none are traditions connected to the Nativity, but to another set of traditions, just as biblical; that is the day of Ba’al Asherah.  Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 10 is one of many passages describing Ba’al Asherah Day:

Hear what Yahweh says to you:

Do not learn the customs of the people . . .

(Such as) a tree is cut out of the woods

and worked with and ax by the cutter’s hands.

The people decorate it with silver and gold;

they fasten it down with hammer and nails so it cannot move.

The people are both ignorant and foolish,

taking instructions of wooden idols! (Jeremiah 10 excerpts)

These “Christmas” trees have names – they are called Asherah Trees.

Pastors and people – read the words of Torah:

“You will not set up any tree as an Asherah beside the altar of the Yahweh your Elohim that you will fashion.” (Devarim 16:21)

Asherah is the name of a common goddess in the Bible, a name that transliterates directly into English as Easter. They are exactly the same name.

So at “Christ’s Mass,” the people, even here in the tropics, have to set up their Easter Tree for Christ’s Mass – and so does every church in town, and right by the altar rail.

This prohibition of learning such customs of the people around you is taken up throughout Jeremiah, with not only trees but other popular customs and characters of Christmas time.

It’s time to re-read Fossilized Customs if you have a copy.  If not, let me know and I’ll send you a copy.  Your world will change for the better after reading this little book.

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Taking Christ Out of Christmas, Completely, Permanently

Times for Service and Study

Blessings in YHWH to you during these post-chaos days of rest.  This is the Roots & Branches Letter by Jackson Snyder and a ministry of Roots & Branches Hebraic Roots Study Group in Vero Beach, Florida.

Note that our schedule has changed.  Erev Sabbath with the Siddur Todah Rabbah begins Friday night, 7 – 8:30 PM.  The Study Group is at 2 – 4 PM on the Sabbath.  Directions and distinctions are found at www.nevy.us or phone (772) 538-4867.  These meetings and studies are not open to the public, but if you are receiving this letter, you are invited.

The Didache, or Teaching of the Twelve

I have published a new translation of “The Teaching” (The Didache).  “The Teaching” is that of Yahshua the Anointed left to his brothers, the Overseers of the Jerusalem Assembly of Yahweh through the first century.  These borthers are best known as James the Just and Simon Zelotes. (Go here if you want to learn about them.)  “The Teaching” is an ancient guidebook in two parts – the first for new believers, the second for new overseers.  It sets out how assembly members are to treat each other, about the two roads: life and death, how to pray, fast, and perform both mitzvot (immersions) and the todah rabbah (the great thanksgiving or communion).  It ends with the three signs of the Last Days and the destruction of evil.  of the end of evil.  “The Teaching” text predates the New Testament and contains much teaching directly from the Great Teacher before it was edited into the New Testament. That this is the case, “The Teaching” is an amazing, important, and useful resource. You may purchase it in paperback at www.apostolia.us or get the pdf and audio book without cost at our website www.nevy.us under “Rare Apostolic Autographs.”

What is an Oxymoron?

CHRISTMAS is the assimilation / concatenation of the two words. When we break the holiday’s title down into its parts, we get an oxymoron.  An oxymoron is generally known as two words seen together and relating to each other, yet having nearly opposite meanings.  Pianoforte is such a word when parsed; piano meaning soft and forte meaning loud. The pianoforte was a breakthrough in technology because it could be played both loudly and softly, unlike the clavichord or harpsichord.

How many oxymora (oxymorons) can you find in the following sentence?

In the deafening silence of the convent, that pretty ugly nun recalled the sweet sorrow of her love hate relationship with the saintly priest.

OK, so I could have done a better job with the sentence if I didn’t have “Christ’s Mass” on my mind; a ritual that always involves priests and nuns – and oxymora. The only pair of words we might argue as not being oxymoronic my sentence is saintly-priest. You may disagree, but I submit that this word pair is not always in opposition for, as a product of a Roman Catholic seminary, I can personally assure you that I have been acquainted with three or four saintly priests! And I believe they are still saintly, even in these days of suspicion.

‘Christ’ in ‘Christ’s Mass’ (Christmas)

Let’s look at the original oxymoron: ‘Christ’s Mass’ (Christmas). Christ means anointed, as in anointed with oil. Rulers were thought to be anointed (christed) by a god. (Evidently, they still are.  Our nation has such a leader who is even called The Anointed One – and such is the meaning of the word christ / christos).

The title CHRIST in the Bible, besides being ‘Jesus’’ supposed last name, has come to mean “the anointed one with eternal life who rules forever.”  So to most, CHRIST is understood as the ANOINTED KING WHO LIVES FOREVER. Correct?

On the other hand,

‘Mass’ in ‘Christ’s Mass’ (Christmas)

MASS is a ritual of the Roman Catholic Church in which the mass of people gather to witness how the priests are miraculously able to resurrect the very body and person of Jesus Christ in the form of a large round wafer, then execute him again and again by breaking his newly formed, wafer-thin flesh into pieces. Here are the words spoken, “Christ, our Passover, is sacrificed . . .” (at this point the priest loudly breaks his body in half) “ . . . therefore let us keep the feast” (at this point, the priests eat the man Christ they have just re-created).   The Mass as ritual is a human sacrifice and an act of cannibalism for the entertainment of those in attendance.

The Mass Execution

The MASS is not a memorial ritual! Ask a priest.  Every Roman Catholic priest will insist that the wafer, at priest’s behest, becomes the actual flesh of Jesus Christ in his hands, and that he as priest of the line of the Romans apostles, has the ability and duty to kill he whom brought back to life moments before. He performs this creative miracle and execution every single day he recites the magic formula (“saying mass”).

Now we see why these two words, “Christ’s Mass” or Christmas is an oxymoron.  Look once again.

CHRIST   (an anointed ruler having eternal life)

MASS       (is made to attend the people to be shattered, die, and be cannibalized)

Let’s Take Christ Out of Christmas

Spiritual evil, no matter how far back it originated, has contemporary, temporal consequences.  With this new knowledge of life, death, death-cult, and contradiction, would you – a thinking and intelligent person – consider doing something counter-cultural in response?  Everybody is saying, “Don’t let them take Christ out of Christmas.”  Popular conservative talk radio hosts, as I recall, made “keeping Christ in Christmas” a major campaign in 2006 and 2007. In 2008 with the advent of Obama, the conservative media have been turning their attention to the Founding Fathers, their Federalism, and their religious inclinations. As for their religious inclinations, less than 2% of the Founding Fathers attended Christ’s Mass, while NOT ONE OF THESE FATHERS CELEBRATED CHRIST’S MASS.  (www.adherents.com/gov/Founding_Fathers_Religion.html) As a matter of fact, the founding mothers and fathers of Jamestown and other early, religious settlements came over here to get away from Masses and religious practices that were syntheses of Roman Christianity, Anglicanism, and pure paganism.

Next end-of-year secular / religious holiday season, my advice, if anybody cares to have it, will be LET’S TAKE CHRIST OUT OF CHRISTMAS THEN LET’S TAKE MESSIAH OUT OF CHRIST.  Nowlet me end up by giving some readers a shock.  I am making an educated guess that 65 – 75% of the believers who receive this letter DO NOT CELEBRATE DECEMBER 25th or JANUARY 1st AT ALL.  And I would further prophesy that the children of these families know exactly why they have no Asherah Tree in their house (Jeremiah 10:1-5), and totally agree with their parents’ decisions to follow Scripture rather than culture.

In my issue next week, I will show you exactly when the Messiah was born, why that date is important, and why we as believers are missing out on a huge, Scriptural blessing and promise by not observing the true festival of the Nativity that the Scripture devotes much ink to but readers devote little time.

Topics next week:

  • Repairing the Contradiction on the Nativity between Matthew and Luke
  • The Surgeon Knew Everything
  • What Year Was Yahshua Born? A Great Surprise
  • What the Star Wasn’t

In the Scriptures,

Jackson Snyder

New site http://www.NEVY.us

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Death Certificate Found on the Shroud of Turin

Greetings in Messiah!  Roots and Branches Hebraic Roots Study Group Vero Beach will meet on the next 2 Sabbaths 2 PM at Tabernacles Ministry in Vero Beach, FL.  If you receive this note, you are invited. I am in the process of putting up a new website for Roots & Branches, so you can find directions here: http://YAHpop.us. The permalink for my mails to you is here: https://netzer.wordpress.com/ Do or do not want this message?  Just reply with ‘remove’ or ‘subscribe’ in the body with any message you care to add.

Death Certificate Found on the Shroud

Death Certificate Found on the Shroud

Death Certificate Found on the Shroud of Turin

If this is the truth, it is another amazing breakthrough on the Quest for the Historical Yahshua the Nazorean.

There is new research on the Shroud of Turin, the sheet that held the crucified body of Messiah.  This piece of linen has been perhaps the most controversial cloth of all time, with the Roman Catholic Church claiming its authenticity as scholars and non-religious lurkers find any way they possibly can to prove the shroud a forgery.  There’s not space or time to get into the controversy here, but suffice it to say that, having watched all these things closely for many years, there has been no proof that it is not exactly what the RCC says it is.

The Article is here: www.jacksonsnyder.com/arc/bible-news/2010/jesus-death-certificate.htm

But now there may be proof of the Shroud’s authenticity. In the first century, a crucified person bound for a tomb was wrapped in a shroud.  The corpse’s identity and destination was written on a piece of cloth (the death certificate) and glued to the shroud, usually on the face. Dr. Barbara Frale, a Vatican scientist, has discovered the bleeding over of the ink from the death certificate onto the shroud – enough so to not only reconstruct the death certificate itself, but also to ‘prove’ that this was not an inscription forged years later.

Here is Dr. Frale’s reconstruction of the Shroud’s occupant’s death certificate:

“In the year 16 of the reign of the Emperor Tiberius (30 AD) Yahshua the Nazorean, taken down in the early evening after having been condemned to death by a Roman judge because he was found guilty by a Hebrew authority, is hereby sent for burial with the obligation of being consigned to his family only after one full year.”

The reconstruction is from the three languages written on the death certificate, the ink of which bled over into the Shroud.  The three languages?  Latin, Hebrew, and Greek.

So what ‘proves’ this not to be a medieval addition to the Shroud?

He is not referred to as CHRIST, but as “The Nazorean.”

And isn’t the Quest for the Nazorean the subject of all my mails to you?

Related: The Bone Box of James, the Bones of Peter, and the Shroud Pope says bones in Vatican basilica are those of St Paul

The Truth of Islam

Last Sabbath the Convocation featured “Ed,” the founder of The Truth of Islam ministry on the web at http://thetruthofislam.com/.  Ed’s ministry site is very easy to navigate – and that’s important for those who want a quick overview.  You can go there now and see that much of his ministry is made up of “webisodes,” audio-visual presentations of 10 minutes each or less, filmed in the Middle East.  Obviously, the focus of the ministry is teaching the truth to Muslims, and we received a thorough and entertaining presentation on the strange holy book of Islam, the Quran (Koran to some of you oldsters).  The presentations are not judgmental nor are they overtly Evangelical.  They simply take the hot-button issues of (especially) young Muslims and explain them from a logical, biblical perspective.  (After all, these youth are planning their future in accordance with a book that is full of hatred and lost, dynastic dreams.)

Ed receives thousands of emails from all over the Muslim world, but the majority are from Indonesia and Malaysia.  Indonesia has the world’s largest population of Muslims, 200 million is a very conservative estimate.  The presentation and training we received was timely in that we as a nation have again endured recent terrorist attacks in the name of “Allah Akbar.” For those of you who still believe that Allah and Yahweh are the same, and that we worship the same deity as that of the Arabs, http://thetruthofislam.com/ is a great place for you to quickly learn why this is not the case.

“Ed” (not his real name for obvious reasons) may be contacted through his site, and is available for programs and seminars.

Joseph Coins of Egypt Rediscovered

Another incredible archaeological find, this one yet tentative, is the discovery of Egyptian coins with the name and face of Joseph of Genesis 39 fame, the guy of the “technicolor dream coat” who was, according to the Scripture, the ruler of Egypt under a Pharaoh. Historians are ever using the Genesis 39 story to disprove the historical validity of the Scripture, saying there was never any such person as Joseph in the annals of Egyptian kings.  If these coins are what they are claimed to be, we will not only find a monotheistic ruler of Egypt who is well attested in the Scripture, but we will be able to say for sure that Joseph and his father Jacob ruled during the years of the only known monotheistic sovereignty of ancient Egypt – that of Pharaoh Akenaten (i.e. Amenhotep IV, 1350 BC).

The Article is here: www.jacksonsnyder.com/arc/bible-news/2008-famous-archaeological-finds/joseph-coins.htm

If true, this is a spectacular find and would change the entire religious and demographic history of Egypt, especially knowing, as we do, that Pharaoh Akenaten’s fingerprints are in the Psalms – he wrote the prototype for Psalms 104 four hundred years before King David later embellished it.

Related: The Question of Psalm 104: Was It Really Written by Pharaoh?

New Audios:  Dead Sea Scrolls: Teacher of Righteousness: Autobiographical Sections

Community Rule – an excerpt of the rule including the Teacher’s autobiographic stuff  < 20 min    text stream download

Hodayot Col. 8 – an autobiographical psalm compared to the Unrighteous Steward < 10 min stream download

Shabbat shalom,

Jackson Snyder



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The Most Ancient Bible: The Shapira Manuscript. A Hoax?

Greetings, chevarim & achim:

The Shapira Strips: Hoax?

The last few weeks I have been working with a text known only as The Shapira Manuscript or Shapira Strips – perhaps the earliest digest of Torah portions known to humankind, pre-dating the Dead Sea Scrolls by 600 years or more.  Audio & Manuscript is posted here.

Shapira Sketch Featuring Paleo-Hebrew

This manuscript, like the Scrolls, has a unique story behind it, worth reading at least in this abstract by the late John Marco Allegro:

In the late 1880s, Jerusalem shop-keeper Moshe Wilhelm Shapira arrived in England with several strips of parchment. Shapira claimed that these fragments were found in the Dead Sea area and were part of an early version of the book of Deuteronomy. Experts who examined the strips called them forgeries, saying that the manuscript could not have survived in the Dead Sea climate. Disgraced and dishonored, Shapira left England and soon after committed suicide. Ironically, scholars in recent years have come to believe that Shapira’s manuscript was not a hoax – and may actually have been a portion of the oldest Bible in the world.

J. M. Allegro goes on to describe his book on the subject:

This (speaking of his book) is the true story of a 19th century mystery and controversy which resulted in discrediting what may have been one of the most important archaeological findings of all time.

The book is The Shapira Affair: The Mystery of a nineteenth-century discovery of a Dead Sea Manuscript: a forgery of the oldest Bible in the world? If you like short mystery stories and ancient texts, The Shapira Affair is as good as any fiction – but the book is hard to find, since Allegro, who was (of course) a leading figure and the only Protestant on the original Dead Sea Scrolls team, published it in 1965 (his life itself stranger than fiction).  I found one on ebay; was it luck or destiny?

Here is the link to the translation and audio: www.jacksonsnyder.com/arc/2009/shapira/shapira-manuscript.htm

Allegro posits that the ‘scholars’ of the nineteenth century who ruled Shapira’s Torah manuscript a forgery did so on account of anti-Semitism as much as anything else, seeing Shapira as a Jew who converted to Anglicanism for the purpose of plying his forged antiques rather than for the sake of religion.  They judged his discovery as much by their prejudice as by any material evidence written upon the ancient black leather.  Indeed, the vitriol of these scholars drove Shapira to his desperate act, the leather “forgery” having taken on his name (thus his name became synonymous with forgery).  The ancient artifact itself was sold in a public auction and soon after disappeared.

Some Things You Should Know About the Shapira

If you’ve gotten this far with me, let me mention a few circumstances and characteristics of the Shapira before directing you to where you can read or listen to it.

  • It was found about the same time and same place as the famous Mesha Stele (Moabite Stone), which is firmly dated to 830 BC.
  • It is written in the characters of Paleo-Hebrew / Phoenician.
  • The text on the strips was copied and translated before the item itself disappeared.
  • Unlike the book of Deuteronomy, this account is first person with Moshe (Moses) speaking to the Israelites.
  • Moshe references locations in the locale of where the manuscript was (supposedly) found.
  • The sacred name Yahweh is used twice – at the beginning and end of Moshe’s speech.
  • The primary title of the Lawgiver is Elohim Eloheinu.
  • It contains a very different set of Ten Commandments.
  • The story does not stick with the canonical sequence of events, but weaves Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy into a seamless fabric of history.

Now the question becomes, which is earliest?  The material on the Shapira Manuscript or the canonical Pentateuch?

What Do I Think?

My thought is that if the Shapira Manuscript actually dates to the same time as the Mesha Stele, ie 830 BC, then it must of necessity come first, since it is something of an established fact that the canonical Pentateuch came into its final redaction in Babylon or Assyria during one ‘Captivity’ or another.

So if you are interested in this stuff, I took Allegro’s translation (which came from drawings on paper dating to before the actual manuscript disappeared), compared it with the Hebrew, added the citations of the canonical scripture throughout, and recorded it too; for, in hearing it, one can tell just exactly how the mishmash of bible bits and pieces fit together into a very succinct, first person speech, perhaps originally from the mouth of Moshe himself.

Here is the link to the translation and audio: www.jacksonsnyder.com/arc/2009/shapira/shapira-manuscript.htm

Let me know how you are doing on the Nazorean way!

In the Scripture,

Jackson Snyder


Roots & Branches: New Time: Roots & Branches Vero Beach will be meeting this week for a short Erev (Friday 13) service now at 7 PM (not 7:30 as before).  Then we will take up the subject of this mailing on the Sabbath (Saturday 14th) at 2 PM.  Both events will be in the River Room at Tabernacles Ministries, Vero Beach.  For directions, go to www.nevy.us or reply to this mail.  The Erev Service will be special, since we officially formed on the last Friday the 13th.

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Dead Sea Scrolls v. First Christian Sermon (audios)

Hinneh, cheverim!

(Cheverim meas ‘friends’ in Hebrew.)

In this Note:

The Identity of the People of the Scrolls: And an audio recording of one of their sermons.

The Earliest Complete ‘Christian Sermon’: Audio and references to the Gospel of the Egyptians.

Melchizedek – Circumcised or Not? The Ancient Christians say No, but the Jews say Yes.

You Christians and Your Halloween: A Little Something to Share with your Group.

To view this letter on-line, go to www.netzer.wordpress.com

Sorry for my long absence from your inbox, but life has taken some unexpected changes the last several months.

In case you know Mignon – she is up and about now some, slowly recovering as promised by YHWH, but still very weak.  Please continue to pray for her recovery.

Roots & Branches Study Group is back on schedule:

7:30 PM Erev Shabat (Friday) Nazorean True Worship

2:00 PM Shabbat (Saturday) | Roundtable study of Qumran ‘Essenes.’

Location: Tabernacles Ministries Vero Beach, “River Room”

Go to www.yahpop.us for directions and contact info, or just reply to this mail.

You may also reply with ‘remove’ in the subject line.

The Identity of the People of the Scrolls

And a recording of one of their sermons.

In the last two weeks we discussed the “roots” of whatever people stored their valuable scrolls in caves around the Dead Sea.  I am not at all convinced that the sectarians of the scrolls were Essenes; in fact, being as familiar as I am with these texts, I am inclined to believe they were Zealots (sons of Zadok).  Then last week, we discussed an actual sermon included in one of the primary works of the sectarians’ community – The Damascus Document (CD, 4Q266ff).  The sermon is dated by some of the more progressive scholars to 1st century, with some of the sermon added on after 62 AD.  Can we realize that this date is very important for serious bible students?  Can you imagine why?  Anyway, the sermon is full of characters known only by nick-names – like the Spewing Liar, The Whitewashed, The Shoddy Wall-builders – many more – and many of which we can fairly well recognize even beneath the false names. (Of course, the ability to recognize the characters depends on whether you are dating along with the “consensus scholars” or not.)

Then last week, we actually listened to that famous Sermon from the Damascus Document.  We had some eye-opening moments and some excellent discussion!

Very seldom can one find a non-consensus study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the people of the Scrolls).  But if you have been wanting the off-the-beaten-path tour, then use some of these tools:

The Ancient Sermon from the Damascus Document (CD, Geniza A + B, 4Q266 – 272) – a True names Version

We have been looking at (and listening to) the sermon from the Dead Sea Scrolls’ Damascus Document, which is dated between 150 BC and 50 AD, with the progressive scholars dating it even later – to after 62 AD, (and here is the answer to the query above) the year that the Messiah’s brother Ya’aqov (James the Just) was executed by the High Priest Ananus.  According to the progressives, the characters mentioned in the sermon include:

the Teacher of Righteousness, who is James, the brother of the Savior,

the Shoddy-Wall Builders, Whitewashers, and Boundary Shifters, who are the Pharisees,

the Sons of Zadok & Household of Torah, who are the Righteous Priests of Acts 6:7,

and the Spitter of Lies, who is the Apostle Paul (see, for instance, Galatians 1:19,20).

The other characters in this sermon are, from the progressive viewpoint, not so difficult to identify.  Therefore, the sermon is absolutely loaded with Nazorean / Essene concepts that later carry over into the New Testament, related writings, and the practices of the so-called ‘Jesus Movement’ of 35 – 70 AD.  You can listen to it or read it yourself at


The Earliest Complete ‘Christian Sermon’

Next we can make a comparison of the text of the Dead Seas Scrolls introductory sermon and the earliest sermon that actually quotes passages in the New Testament as Scripture.  However, one will be surprised that the quotations, though quite familiar, always seem to have non-canonical twists.  I think this is a great thing, for I’m supposing that the author of this sermon (traditionally known as Second Clement) used either the sacred manuscripts before they were in their final form, or, if Clement actually did this sermons (since he was converted by Barnabas and taught by Peter), remembered the sayings he heard himself.  There is one particular story related in which Peter (Kefa) is a character, and his replies to the Master are far and away from what the ‘bible’ tells us he said.

So here is another resource. If you listen, please notice that there is absolutely nothing in there about being saved by grace or relying on the love of G-d to get you to the 5th dimension.  There is one stairway mentioned over and over – WORK!

The Ancient Sermon Attributed to Clement of Rome – First Century AD

Clement was the disciple of Peter (Kefa) and his successor. (Clement’s journal, in which Peter’s travels is the subject, can be found at www.apostolia.us)  Clement’s sermon is on the subject of the believer’s walk of righteousness, and the earliest to use New Testament (or proto-New Testament) citations as though they were Scripture – except Clement’s citations never match up exactly with the New Testament in our possession.  He was certainly using documents earlier than the New Testament and quotations that he personally recorded.  In addition, there are citations from works that did not make the cut of the canonical rule, including (perhaps) The Gospel of Thomas and The Gospel of the Egyptians.  We take for granted that the New Testament descended out of Heaven all ready for believers.  But for the first believers, there was no such thing; sayings were collected and passed orally between groups.  This sermon is dated by scholars to the late 1st century; some date it as early as 70 AD, since one of the manuscripts was bound in a codex with Clement to the Corinthians, The Epistle of Barnabas, and The Teaching of the Twelve (Didaché).


Melchizedek – Circumcised?  Or Not?

So while we’re at it, let’s throw in all the ancient sources that tell us about Melchizedek, the priest whom the bible tells us had not descendents or progeny.  So, or course when we look at these ancient commentaries, we must expect right from the first that some bright fellows are arguing as to whether this man (if he was a man or not) had been circumcised or not!  I leave it to you to find the answer to that.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Melchizedek – all from ancient sources and sacred texts.


You Christians and Your Halloween



Deuteronomy 18:9-12 –

your God is herein speaking to you, beloved:

When you arrive in the land the LORD your God is giving you,

(that is, on YOUR land)

be very careful not to imitate the detestable customs of the nations.

(the LORD finds the following things detestable)

Never sacrifice your son or daughter.

(the LORD is speaking of your children and grandchildren.)

Do not let them practice fortune-telling

(profess to predict future events, astrology, tarot)

or sorcery,

(gaining power through the assistance of spirits)

or allow them to interpret omens,

(demon-inspired signs)

or engage in witchcraft,

(magic, charms, Wicca, or donning the costume of a witch)

or cast spells,

(speak magic formulas, go into a trance)

or function as mediums

(a communicator with illicit spiritual entities)

or psychics,

(those claiming extra-sensory powers or darkness)

or call forth the spirits of the dead.

(praying to or parading as those who’ve departed this world)

Anyone who does these things is an object of disgust to the LORD.

Be honest!  Do we think that imitating such as those the Bible calls detestable to the LORD will gain us or our children favor with him?  Consider Halloween – it is the Black Sabbath of Satanism.  The entire theme of Halloween is of darkness, death, fear, threats, hauntings, destruction, spiritual wickedness, demonic possession and evil.

We “sacrifice our children” to dress them as witches, monsters, ghosts, skeletons, corpses, and evil entities from movies and TV, then send them forth into the street to reenact our pagan ancestors’ rituals and curses.

There are some ten million active Satanists in this nation.  October 31, the “birthday of Satan,” will have thousands of dark rituals, including animal and human sacrifices.  There will be people taking on evil spirits, drinking blood, and raping and murdering children.  Believers in our own town will be cursed and set upon by evil entities.  This is the very nature of the holiday.

You may say, “Well, it’s all just fun and we don’t take it seriously.”  But your enemy the devil takes it seriously and, according to his word, so does your Heavenly Father.   Shouldn’t you?

When the church that He purchased with His precious blood builds houses of horror and pagan ritual on its properties so that the little lambs entrusted to its care may be opened up to foul, invading spirits of the enemy: O, how much Father grieves in His disgust and horror!

In the Scripture, Jackson Snyder

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Yomim Teruah: Days of Awe

Greetings to Greater Yisrael of the Spirit from Roots & Branches Virtual Yahad (NeVY.us).  We were really blessed to hear from those of you who have let us know you value this newsletter.  That means a lot.  We haven’t yet heard a ‘discouraging word.’

A Major Festival This Weekend

One of the eight major feasts arrives the 1st day of next week (Sun[god]day). We will gather at 7:30 PM at the beginning of the Seventh day this week (Erev Shabat, September 19) to enjoy the Convocation of Trumpets a little bit early.  No kipas or other gear is necessary except your shofar or trumpet.  If you haven’t any, we will issue you a temporary shofar when you arrive.

The Yahad will happen at Tabernacles Ministries in the River Room.  For directions, try this link or reply to this mail.  There will be no Sabbath Roundtable this week (Saturday) because several in the group will be attending “A Rood Awakening” (Michael Rood’s ministry) Festival of Trumpets in Boca Raton FL on the first day.  Try this link for info about this event or the Rood ministry.

Home or Small Group Feast

Waikra (Leviticus) 23:24.  Yahweh says, “Say to the people of Israel, In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you shall observe a day of solemn rest, a memorial proclaimed with blast of trumpets, a holy convocation.”

Feasts kept by all of Greater Israel (ie all who keep faith in Yahweh and express the Testimony of Yahshua).  They are to be kept throughout all our generations.  They are not optional for Israel, Spiritual Israel or Secular Israel.

And why shouldn’t enjoy Yahweh’s festivals – he gave them in love for us to experience a chip of time out of the old block to commune with him, learn from him, and rest in him?  These are wonderful, meaningful times – and biblical holidays – unlike the secular and quasi-religious holidays that bring no rest, but instead, stress, seasonal depression, idolatry, and the casting of money to swine.

Yahweh’s Feasts are not difficult to keep in authentic ways.  The difficulty comes in changing over from the calendar of the world and its holidays to the Almighty’s.  Once that is accomplished, the stress is off, and one wonders why he/she waited so long to turn back to the good.

Easy Guides

I have composed easy guides for people moving to the feast days.  Many among our family and friends have made the switch in the last several years, and most have used some facets of our guides.  One may start keeping the feasts alone – and the Feast of Trumpets a good place to jump in, because little is required – the minimum requirements are to take a day of rest, blow the horn, and read the scriptures. At the following links you may find my resources for a home service you can do by yourself or with your family.  It includes downloaded music, readings, and authentic acts of worship.

Streaming Feast Music from EloHymns.com:

Shattered Pot

Yom Teruah is the Day of Awe

Horn of a Unicorn

Some of my home resources are here, at Bible-News.com:

Blow Ye the Trumpet Blow!  For Yom Teruah.

Yom Teruah is the Day of Awe; the Feast of Trumpets and the Court of Law

Hearken To The Thunder Of His Voice: Hurricanes and Natural Disasters

Feast of Trumpets

For those who have given up secular / Christian holidays, or for those who have added Yahweh’s Festivals (not to be confused with Jewish Holidays), the Feast of Trumpets is anticipated as one of the most probable days for Messiah to descend.

Consider what you know about Trumpets from your Scripture studies.  When the trumpet sounds, awesome happening follow.  This is why the Feast is called Yom Teruah, the Day of Awe. Leviticus 23 tells us in short exactly when Trumpets is to be (the 7th new moon of the year),  and a little about what it means.  We find out a lot more about trumpets in Joshua and Judges – trumpets sound to rally the army in anticipation of an attack or retreat.  The walls of Jericho fall down. The prophets predict trumpet blasts in connection with judgment.  Paul speaks of the “sound of the great trumpet,” and John of the prophetic and sinister “seven trumpets.”

Ivan the Terrible

Personal testimony: At the beginning of Yom Teruah in 2004, seven of us were ‘hunkered down’ for the storm of the century, Hurricane Ivan.  We were in the eye of that awesome hurricane.  There was some question whether the front window of the house would stand the storm.  As that was being repaired, I looked at the mezuzah on the doorpost and asked protection.  At two A.M., the roof began to lift off in then midst of a terrifying groan.  The winds were fierce, trees were falling everywhere – we knew the were not because we could see them – but hear them crashing down.  I fell asleep in the very midst of the worst hurricane in a generation.

When I awoke, all was calm.  I went back to the front porch to survey the damage.  I noticed the mezuzah on the doorpost . . . then looked out and around the neighborhood.  Yom Teruah had arrived with Ivan the Terrible.

Everything in the perimeter was destroyed; houses, trees, cars.  Everything was affected!

Everything except the parsonage in which we were all huddled.  It hadn’t been touched.

I spied a different world.  (The rest of this story is here.)

In the Scripture,

Jackson Snyder


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Enigma: The Teacher of Righteousness

Shalom Chaverim (friends).  We hope all is well in Messiah with you and yours.

Get Your Mezuzah Blessed Off

Roots and Branches Group will meet this Erev Shabbat (Friday night) for our informal Nazorean worship service and scripture training.  On Sabbath (Saturay) 2:00 PM we will gather at Vista Gardens for the Blessing of Mezuzahs and Mikvot (immersion in water in the name of Yahshua Messiah).  For directions to Headquarters at Tabernacles Ministries in Vero Beach, check the website at this link.  If you need to bless the Almighty for the safety of your home and your Mezuzah, reply to this mail and we’ll get you directions.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Library

The last few days I have been reading from the library known as the Dead Sea Scrolls.  There is still much mystery about the Scrolls themselves as well as the people of the Scrolls, whoever they were.  What we do know about them is that they were contemporaneous with both the Maccabees and with the Nazorean Assembly (so-called Jewish Christians).  My brother (Pete) and I have been studying these texts for many years; both of us ‘majored’ in them during our courses of study in higher education.  There is much these texts can teach us about our religious roots.

The Teacher of Righteousness, or Righteous Teacher

In this note, I want to show you some of the writings of the sect’s guiding light, known to us not by a name, but by a title – the Teacher of Righteousness (Moreh haZadik).  Only a very few scholars identify the Teacher with Yahshua our Messiah, though a very strong current in scholarship today identifies (and claims to have proved) that the Teacher is Yaakov haTzadik (James the Just), the brother of Yahshua Messiah and author of the New Testament book Epistle of James.

Who Is this Teacher?

I am sure you are a Bible reader, and probably know well many of the characters of the New Testament; so I have selected a few excerpts for you from the Dead Sea Scrolls book of Thanksgiving Psalms, written by the Teacher himself.  Read through them – they will all seem familiar – and check out the comments – maybe you can place the identity of the Teacher.  Remember as you go through, these are just a few lines of a huge assortment of texts.  Maybe you’ll catch the bug as we have.

From the Thanksgiving Psalms (Quotations based on Wise, Abegg, Cook, 1996)

(1) They did not respect me, even when You displayed your might through me.  Instead, they drove me out of my land as a bird from the nest. All my friends and acquaintances have been driven away from me; they consider me as a shattered pot.

We wonder exactly how the mighty of the Mighty One was displayed!  It seems like those whose hands are full of false miracles receive the respect, when the true prodigy is covered by a bushel.  I did a short musical production on this verse in 2007.  I think it’s pretty good.  You can listen to “Shattered Pot” in streaming audio at this link.

(2) You have appointed me as an object of shame and derision to the faithless, but a foundation of truth and understanding for the righteous.

(3) You have appointed me as a banner for the chosen of righteousness, and an informed mediator of wonderful mysteries, so as to test those of truth and lovers of correction.

The first sentence puts us in mind of Isaiah 53, the suffering servant, though this statement is in the first person, in the voice of a man of suffering and acquainted with grief.  The second statement is a surprise; indeed, these uplifting words are in the opposite mood of the first, an echo of Paul’s wisdom to Timothy, there being one eloha, and one mediator between elohim and humankind, the man, Yahshua Messiah, who gave his life a ransom for all (1 Timothy 2:5).

(4) I am as distressed as a woman about to bring forth her firstborn. Yea, children come to life through the breakers of death. She delivers a male child: through the pains of Sheol bursts forth a wonderful counselor, mighty el.

(5) You have appointed me as a father to the children of mercy and as a guardian to men of portent.

Here is the theme of Luke’s nativity, the male child carried over from wretched pains and the menace of sudden death to become known as Wonderful Counselor, Mighty El, Everlasting Father (Isaiah 9:6) over the children of Yahweh’s compassion (Psalms 25:6) as well as the band of prophetic disciples (ie, “men of portent”).

(6) From Sheol and Abaddon you have raised me up to an eternal height, so that I might walk about on a limitless plain, and know there is hope whom you created from the dust of the eternal counsel.

The man of portent Shimon Kefa (Simon Peter) preached that Elohim raised Him up, putting an end to the agony of death (Acts 2:24).  It was told by the Apostle Peter that the Messiah had descended into Tartarus (Sheol and Abaddon) to proclaim his victory and the hope that came out if it.

(7) You assigned my dwelling with many fishermen, they who spread their net in the surface of the water, and hunt for the children of injustice.

Wow!  With fishermen, the parable of the net, and “fishers of men.”  Now look at the next –

(8) I have become a sailor on a ship, when the seas stir up their waves and all their breakers come over me. My bowels are like a ship in a raging storm.

Now he tells about his life on the Sea of Galilee, in the grip of a gale, then speaking shalom.

(9) You have not cast my lot with the assembly of fraud, nor have you set my portion in the counsel of pretenders.

“Pretender” is a near perfect match for the word “hypocrite.” His destiny was to be outside – to be the “True Vine.”

(10) Those who prosecuted me are as chaff before the wind; my dominion is over them.

“His winnowing fork is His hand . . .”

(11) I give thanks to you, O Yahweh, for you have sustained me with your strength, even your Holy Spirit.  Upon the rock you have established my frame, and eternal foundations for my footing.  All my walls are tested walls that will not be shaken. You have appointed me as the holy counsel of the weary.  You have taught me your Covenant (Torah) and my tongue is one of your disciples.

We get a lot of James the Just (3:6) in this word – “my tongue is One of Your disciples.”  So where DID the Savior get all his wisdom (Mark 6:2)?

(12) You planted a stand, trees of life (for your esteem) at the secret spring, hidden among the waters so a shoot might grow into an eternal planting.  That its trunk might be open to the living water and become an eternal fountain.  On its leafy branch every wild animal of the forest will graze, and its trunk will become a gathering place to all who pass, and its branches roosts for all the birds.

  • Isaiah 11:1 There will spring forth a shoot out of Jesse’s; a Branch (netzer, as in ‘nazorean’) will grow out of his roots; and the spirit of Yahweh will rest on him . . . The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them. If this was in fact referencing the Savior, then we can see a marvelous prediction that has come to pass in the last millennia.

(13) My bread has become strife, and my drink contention.

The bread and drink was the least of the teachings in the early days; is has become the greatest in our days.

So who do you think the Teacher might be?

In the Scriptures,

Jackson Snyder


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The Mathematical Nazorean: A Riddle

Greetings, Hebraic Roots Group friends:

Find the Riddle at this link.

It has been nearly a month since I “took up my parable” (1En 1:3).  I’ve missed writing, and I hope this note finds you well.

At the bottom of this issue is a Scripture riddle.  The first to solve it correctly then send the answer back along with mailing address info will get a modest but valuable prize.  Before that is the short answer to What is a Nazorean?

(If you get more than one or you want off my mail, please reply  with your wish.)

This month the subject of our studies will be

“The Lost Tribes Found in the Parables of the Messiah.”

Learn how to use your pneumatic resources.

Learn how to use your pneumatic resources.

These lessons are valuable – nobody I know of has found the Tribes in the Parables.  The series of messages are available ahead of time on CD or streaming audio.  If you want a MP3 CD, just ask for it with your mailing address and you will receive it. Better yet, Come and See.

Roots & Branches Hebraic Roots Group meets in Vero Beach, FL three times a week:

Erev Shabbat Service: The end of the 6th day and the beginning of the 7th, 7:30 PM.  (This is Friday nights.)

(You may not be accustomed to looking at the week in terms of seven unnamed days as opposed to using the names of the days, all of which are derived from pagan gods worshiped by our ancestors. This may challenge your thinking, but it is totally biblical and worthwhile to learn, especially as one reads the Gospels, such as the passage “at the dawning of the first day” Luke 24:1.)

The Erev Siddur (service) consists of the traditional candle lighting, a short liturgy in English, some practice in speaking Hebrew (the Shema), in-depth teaching of the Word (emphasizing the first-century Nazorean context), then sharing the lechem and yayin (bread & wine).

Sabbath Study of Scripture: The afternoon of the 7th day, 2:00 PM. (Saturday afternoon.)  This teaching is in roundtable format.  I set the subject and the primary lesson, and the rest (who are quite well-versed) add their own scholarly insight as we go along.

Fourth Day Intercession: is at the beginning of the 4th day of the week; ie Tuesday evening around 7:30.  This is completely informal and led by the intercessor of the group.

What is a Nazorean? Part One – Historical Context

We are often asked this question as we work to reveal a more authentic picture of our faith.  Here is the short answer:

“He will be called a Nazarene” (Matthew 2:23).  This is the region from which the Anointed one originated – Nazareth of Galilee in Israel.  Nazareth was the one of the starting points of the “Hebraic Roots Group” known as the Way or the Nazoreans.

“You were also with the Nazorean” (Mark 14:67).  Shimon Kefa (Peter) was accused of being with the man of Nazareth and a part of the sect called Nazoreans.  That the Nazoreans was a Hebraic Roots Group is proved by the next citation:

“A ringleader of the sect of the Nazoreans” (Acts 24:5).  The context of the quote is that Paul is being accused by the governor’s attorney, Tertulus, who claims, “We have found this man a pestilent fellow, an agitator among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes. He even tried to profane the temple, but we seized him.”  Paul was a leader of the Nazoreans, but he was not from Nazareth at all.

A Nazarene is from Nazareth. But a Nazorean, according to trusted scholars, is the name of a first-century religious group of which the Savior was the founder.  We learn from the early “so-called “Church Fathers” that this is so, and from the Dead Sea Scrolls that the group was known within its own ranks as “the Way,” “the Meek,” “the Poor,” and by other titles readily found in the New Testament.

Netzer, the Hebrew word from which the Greek title Nazorean originates, means “Branch, or “Offshoot.”

I am the vine, you are the branches (John 15:5).

If the root is holy, so are the branches (Romans 11:16).

And in Prophecy:

In that day the branch of Yahweh will be beautiful and glorious,
and the fruit of the land will be the pride and esteem of the remnant of Israel (Isaiah 4:2).

There will come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch will grow out of his roots (Isaiah 11:1).

Behold, the days are coming, says Yahweh, when I will raise up for David a righteous Branch,
and he will reign as king and deal wisely (Jeremiah 23:5).

Of course, these passages have mostly been interpreted as referring to Yahshua Messiah and those who follow him.  This leads us to a second definition.

Netzer means “guardian” and “ keeper.”  The Messiah came as the guardian of the Torah (the instruction of the Almighty).  He also came to keep the Torah in its entirety to do away NOT with the Torah itself (he’s the guardian of it!) but to do away with the meaningless TRADITIONS of the religious that put the folks under bondage to those in positions of power.  A section of Messiah’s sayings, Matthew 5:17-20 shows us that this is the case. To quote just one verse:

Do not think that I have come to abolish the Torah or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. Until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Torah until everything is fulfilled. (Matthew 5:17-18).

Yet many church folk today have learned that the Torah has been nailed up to a cross and abolished.  Obviously, there is a hidden agenda among church leaders to keep the flock and the world in a state of lawlessness.  Those who cite Paul as reinforcing the abolition of any law, seem to overlook the mystery of lawlessness he speaks of as being already at work (2 Thessalonians 2:7).

Nowadays, the mystery of lawlessness if completely at work as faithless, disobedient, and in some cases, devilishly perverted individuals govern our nation, and the lawlessness of terror strikes multiple targets daily.  It is mystery no longer.

The Nazoreans / Nazarene Israel movement of the 21st century is a calling to Torah.  We keep the Torah as closely as possible.  We reckon that if the people of the world remained under the covenant of Yahweh as Yahshua proposed, there would be no fear of the ‘neighbor’ or STRANGER any longer because there would be DANGER no longer.  And while some still consider that modern-day Nazoreans are cultists (as did Tertulus of Paul and his group) because we believe in living in the controlled environment of the Covenant of Yahweh of Israel, we only need to take a brief look at the worldliness and disobedience of church folk today to see who is blessed and who is cursed.

If you read this far and would like a good book on this subject, just reply with your request for the book Nazarene Israel and I will send it to you by mail. It’s worth reading and learning about the safety and shalom of the covenant folks, the Hebraic (not Jewish) roots of you faith, and how to put your rights and covenant people to work to bring you and your family into the House of Yahweh.

The end of Part One, What Is a Nazorean.

The Riddle: The first to solve the riddle gets a great prize.  Find the Riddle at this link.


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